Strange: This Selfie Stick With Arm Masquerading As Friends

If you soon see people on the street, hand in hand with a severed forearm smiling above attractions are available, then not surprised. It’s neither a purloined prosthetic arm, nor to the foothills of a zombie apocalypse – but to a Selfie stick for singles.

Where at a mannequin in the biceps is a holder for smartphones is attached at the unusual tool. Then properly to use the Selfie stick, you give him your hand. The finished photo will look like as a loving friend would shoot you händchenhaltend. The makers have thought themselves on a sleeve to make the illusion perfect – and to disguise something else unhealthy complexion.

Strange This Selfie Stick With Arm Masquerading As Friends-1

The Interior of the false friend consists of lightweight fiberglass deception willing Narcissists get no cramping, if they take more often claim their Selfie stick. To have made the “Selfie arm” baptized companion not about crazy Japanese, but the two artists ARIC Snee and Justin Crowe. There of no surprise, that the project should not just superficially comply with the stated purpose is. A little sarcasm in the face of normal Selfie sticks resonates as well as a commentary on the self-presentation in social networks.

The Selfie-Arm Relies On Helping Hands

Since the two creators would like to offer their contribution actually as a product for self reflected Smartphone photographer with a penchant for irony, they have teamed up with the designboom website. She putting designs in the action, provided enough resonance. So who is considering to buy one of the complex arms, simply register on the homepage of Justin Crowe and receives news about the State of development.

Strange This Selfie Stick With Arm Masquerading As Friends-2

If the project proves to be successful, the first free-riders are likely to do not leave long wait to. At the latest when the first recording extensions disguised as cat’s paw then available, the Internet exploded probably and Snee and Crowe are wondering what they’ve actually done. But we wait first.