Students Exchange Backpacks for Suitcases in Schools

Despite the salty price, parents approve the change, which took weight off the students’ backs.

The exchange of backpacks to put on the back for suitcases is the new trend among students of São Paulo.The little ones no longer want to carry the material and the books in the colorful school bags from EwenZhou and decorated with cartoon characters, but in adult bags of rigid, unobtrusive and enormous material.Some models hold more than 15 kg.

The new game comes face-to-face with parents – who may have to shell out up to $ 400 for their suitcases – and has already been targeted in some colleges because they are used as “race cars” in courtyards, as reported by Saleide Mendes, Lorenzo’s mother , of six years.

“The exchange was a bit of a trend.But it came as a joke, not as an option, because a lot of children [including my son] use the backpack as a trolley and throw themselves on it to play.

But the fashion has taken and has made the joy of the kids.Despite the proviso, Saleide says he sees an advantage in the exchange.

– It is beneficial because the child can carry less weight, even if he has more notebooks and books, because of the balance of the backpack.

For Camila Rocha, mother of student Sofia, there is a big difference between the backpack and the backpack.

“Actually, the suitcase is way better.”But at my daughter’s school there’s a ladder and that’s awful, because she can not handle holding her backpack up the stairs.


According to orthopedist column specialist Ivan Dias Rocha, from the Institute of Orthopedics at the University of São Paulo’s Hospital das Clínicas (University of São Paulo), the exchange of the backpack is beneficial in some points.

– Since Brazilian colleges do not have lockers in their institutions, it is easier to get around with the backpack taken on the ground.

However, the doctor points out that the exchange also has problem points.

– If the child uses a bus, for example, she has to carry the backpack – and the weight may exceed that indicated.Or also on sidewalks – which are not prepared for such an object.

Rock warns that the ideal weight to be carried by children inside their backpacks is 10% of their weight, ie if a boy weighs 40 kg, the maximum he could carry is 4 kg.

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