Style of Blake Lively

Blake Lively is an icon in terms of must and fashionable trends, her outfits are chic and ultra-feminine. We selected those unforgettable inciting to inspire.

Class and style are two qualities that qualify better than any other American actress Blake Lively, the telefilm addicted know very well as Serena van der Woodsen, one of the protagonists of Gossip Girl.
Blake seems to have an innate talent for building the perfect outfit, from head accessory.

Let us be inspired by her most beautiful look to always have new and stimulating ideas on ‘outfits . From street style to the red carpet , the style of Blake Lively never goes unnoticed.

A fashion icon on the set and in real life

Making an excursus of the seasons of Gossip Girl, we note that the difference between real life and in September of Gossip Girl is really nonexistent, she is always perfect. Along various walkways, from the Met gala at the Cannes Film Festival, the blonde actress has shown, every time, in the form super brilliant!

Un po’ hippie sempre chic

Take some inspiration from the beautiful Blake. For the day you suggest a hippie chic look made ​​up skirts and long dresses in printed cotton, flat sandals in leather and maxi bag with fringes. To adapt to the urban style, Blake choose sports leggings for slimming effects very adherent to wear with a light shirt, kefhia and dancers, both in light colors. The secret of Blake to make the look more chic? A black clutch in contrast with the muted colors of the set.

The accessories that make the difference

Nothing is left to chance, is the accessory that makes the difference. If he’s wearing blue shorts with a high waist and yellow blouse, Blake combines a necklace egyptian and a bag in nappa tones fluo. The same necklace African style is perfect when paired with a micro vest, a cotton undershirt, a long red silk skirt and flip flops fire flat.

Outfit a tutto colore o mise black&white?

Color is another point to never overlook. The actress uses no ifs and neither, but all day long. Among her outfits in color and unforgettable: the skirts in sheer bright red, yellow and orange worn with tank tops fluo, pump-neckline colorful mini shoulder bag.
In the evening, Blake believes that black and white are the colors on which to focus.
It seems that when a woman of that charm plows the red carpet, time stands still and her eyes were pointing him: classic mermaid gown at bandeau bra super sexy and feminine, from smart trousers to shirts with effect see-through, there they come in outfits that remind Blake, for ever.