Summer Nail Stickers

Looking for something original and creative for your manicure? Check out all the new trends spring summer 2012.

If you thought that the walkways were simply apparel, handbags and high heels, you were wrong, there are details that from far away don’t notice well but that the spotlight will enhance the beauty of these bodies wearing dream dresses. From fashion shows spring/summer 2012 there’s also the new trend in manicure, let’s discover them together.

Pastels and neon colors

Exactly how the accessories that we admired at fashion shows, even the manicure of spring 2012 turns pastel shades with funky neon tips. From yellow to green, from Orange to cherry red, passing style color highlighter.

Caviar Manicure

It’s a special 3D decoration that embellishes your nails with a myriad of bright beads. Easy to do if you purchase the Kit offered by Ciatè, which launches to the public this novelty, or with a little imagination you can try improvvisarla at home, but in that case the effect you see in the photos is not absolutely guaranteed. With the kit instead simply roll the colored base on your nails and then apply the beads. Find the Ciatè kit from Sephora.

The color of poppies

It is a must that is handed down from year to year, the red poppy red coral, from the tone, is a classic seen on many runways, which for some jarring verging on vulgarity, for others it is very feminine. Anyway, whatever your choice, remember to make it bright red tip with a good top coat.

Magnetic nail Art

Magnetic nail can be done by purchasing kits which also contain magnets that interact with a special glaze and creating on your nails an effect literally futuristic. Fun to apply, magnetic Nail Polish for pregnancy will spark your summer. See more on You can buy the kit directly in perfumery, or by Kiko where interesting chromatic proposals found at unbeatable prices.

Ombre Manicure

Color on color so as not to go unnoticed our nails. You can do a manicure like playing with the chromatic scale on five fingers, or apply two overlapping colors and expertly blended on the same nail. To realize is absolutely easy, even for the less experienced.

Nail Sticker

It is a blessing for those who don’t have much time to devote to manicures, and due to the hectic has never an hour free to devote themselves, let alone the time to dry Nail Polish well. Metallica, floral, tina only, there are beaches for all tastes and some interesting proposals can be found right from Sephora or online specialized our site.