Sweet Years Collection

Sweet Years has chosen its new testimonial for the autumn-winter 2015-2016 campaign, opting for the freshness of a couple of the famous small screen, such as that formed by Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte, which seems to soon be able to tie the lawful marriage . The two different personalities of the Betrothed perfectly embody the new collection and the brand’s values: she with its sweetness and freshness, he with his charm and his sportsmanship are perfect to represent the “positive thinking” of the brand.

The collection offers clothes that are inspired by the style of collegiate sports for him, and for her here is a line that offers a romantic and sporty style, with basic items embellished with lurex details and small rhinestones.

The watchword of this collection 100% Made in Italy, contemporary and current, is “convenience and comfort with style.”

Style which we review in the look worn by Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte .

Mauro Russo, brand director, explains the choice:

“Our logo has always been the heart. Button, in constant motion, source of passion and emotion, symbol of life and love, always looking to the future. Cecilia and Francis are all this.Love and passion because of their very special bond, but also energy and look to the future because of their young age and the constant evolution of their careers. With this background, the decision to choose them as our testimonial was only natural and could not be better choice.”

Thrilled the pair:

“It enthusiasm and passion in everything we do, as a couple and as individuals: being chosen by a brand from the past as important as Sweet Years is for us not only a source of pride but also an important step for our future career.”

And who knows how many new work commitments in next fall … Not to mention the possible marriage: you really take place in Puglia, the birthplace of him?