Test: Asus Transformer TF701T

ASUS Transformer series makes big comeback to the Swedish hunting grounds. It also has the first Tegra 4-chip that we had the opportunity to test.

Giant screen

The plate itself is of high build quality and dock also feels much safer than before. Just as the doll is more or less the entire plate in aluminum, which means that it feels very solid and well built. Along the left side we find both slot for micro-SD-card and a slot for mini-HDMI, so with both flat and dock are most connections you could wish for.

The screen itself is drawn with fairly large letterboxing, but gives a really nice colors and the resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels do not directly that something seems unclear. The camera on the back makes a reasonable job with its five megapixel, but while we get the feeling that the plate “has it all” we had like to have seen both photo light that few more megapixels.

So that the part about systemchippet. It is Nvidia Tegra 4 monster would portray it as? In common usage, we cannot say that the difference between TF701T and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 the 2014 edition, with Qualcomm’s current värstingchip Snapdragon 800, is especially great and where it differs, it is probably best that Samsung’s Touchwiz interface bugs and laggy. Games & apps start jämnfort and in our performance tests win Asus plate 15 of the 26 rounds, but in almost all cases, it is a matter of fairly small margins between the two plates. Nevertheless, it is still about a chip that in our measurable rounds placed a hair’s breadth of arch-rival Qualcomm in performance, which is always interesting.

When it comes to software it is Android 4.2 offered from the start and with an update to 4.3 ready for download, with Asus usual shell on top. ASUS Extras, however, most about discrete modifications, making it in many ways still seems like a decently clean Android install. The most obvious are small applications you can quickly pull up via a button in the menu bar. Asus has also become something better to strip away unnecessary apps are preinstalled. Now it feels as if it is Asus own apps and utilities that make up most of the pre-installed and we avoid the weird dubblettappar and all the other stupid Asus had itself earlier.

On the whole, Transforms TF701T exactly what we expected and the expectations were quite high in terms of what they supplied earlier in the series. It is really disturbing that there is no possibility to buy plate with built in 3 g or 4 g connection, but the plate itself and the solution with the doll is as nice as the first time we made its acquaintance.

Three questions, three answers

What about updates?

As I said, so was released 4.3 to the plate during our test period, but Asus has at present no information about when Android 4.4 might show up. It’ll be at least.

It can replace a regular PC?

Do the most regular Office work easier document management and Web surfing, there are good opportunities to it. But the use some specific programs or Web services in your work, it may be bumpier (unless you are using a Remote Desktop solution).

Asus Webstorage?

The company’s own competitor to Dropbox with five gigabytes of free storage, and the ability to buy extra. Works okay, but not as smoothly as such as our site.


Sony’s Xperia Z has a bit less power, but is water resistant. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition is even strong, have noted the show’s fine solution with the pen, but feels like a cheap toy. Next step feels like Windows 8 computers, but then the price tag often considerably higher for the same format.