Test: Huawei Ascend G740

If Huawei Ascend G740 really going to get hold of at the price it is Huawei very much sets the phone for the money.

A phone’s price tag control very much what expectations we have on it. It costs over £ 500 we expect a performance monster with super sharp screen and camera. It costs under $200, as is the case here, we anticipate, frankly, far less than what the Huawei Ascend G740 delivers.

Chinese Huawei has otherwise created a niche on the right budgetlurar in this price range, with a few attempts at more expensive products with mixed results. But I can not remember that they been this good before.

Speaking to the surface is the Ascend G740 right anonymous. A bit plasticky but not more plastic than, say, Samsung Galaxy S4. The screen is for the price tag very large, five inches, and even if the resolution does not correspond to the top models on the market see 720 x 1280 good on five inches as well, and the screen feels crisp and bright.

System in the phone is Android 4.1.2. Huawei sticks in large to the standard version of Android, with one significant exception. We have departed from the principle of home screens with widgets and shortcuts, and a list of all programs. It has instead just start screens, where all software ports.

On one level, this is smart. It becomes more like the iPhone’s famous simplicity and you have everything in one place. Huawei is rich with opportunities to organize the content, you can add as many home screens you need, and you can also create folders to keep multiple applications in.

But sometimes it becomes weird. The popular app Evernote has, for example, an app that you download separately to get a * home screen widget. Do you use it, you partly widget on your home screen and, on the other hand, the program icon for the app itself, and in addition, the program icon for the widget app. The solution is to create a folder where you put down all the unwanted program icons, but it feels not quite elegant.

From the start on the home screen there is Huawei’s Me Widget that displays a clock, weather, Gallery, music player and two favorite contacts. Good things to have in the home screen, certainly, but it could be done just as well and more flexible with multiple småwidgetar, if there are any features you think are unnecessary to show on the start screen.

Lock screen contains a circle with a dot in the middle and watch above. Depending on the direction in which to draw out the circle from the dot can be directly activate any of the three default features (you can choose). This is not a standard feature of Android, but most manufacturers offer today something similar.

Another small detail that is not the default Android on-screen keyboard. Partly because the buttons feel a bit larger and subtly more distinct than in many other on-screen keyboards, partly because there is a button to quickly switch between English and Swedish keyboard (and spelling).

One of the characteristics that make the Huawei Ascend G740 so affordable is that it is provided with 4 g. At good coverage will we without problems up in download speeds of 30-40 Mbps. Processor, however, is not the fastest on the market, which appeared also in our performance tests, but the seats themselves, after all, over most of the 2,000-kronorsmobiler in tests. In practice, we do not feel that the phone feels slow, even when we’re running more demanding applications.

Another surprisingly good feature is the camera. Almost every phone in this price class compromises with the camera, which tends to deliver image quality from approved to lousy. Huawei Ascend G740 has an 8-megapixel camera that actually makes the reasons for the number of megapixels. The camera will certainly not win any photo duels against top models from Nokia or Sony, but the result is not so much worse than what you get from an Iphone or a Samsung. The colour rendition is really good and the images can be zoomed in a bit before they start to look grainy. Even videotaping gives good results, despite the fact that it sometimes happens that the colors will shift, as if the phone was difficult to determine from which it will download the white balance. Given how good the camera still, had it not been wrong with a separate camera key as well. It’s not as if there would be any problems with that one.

The phone also has a few weaknesses. One is the absence of NFC, a function that would otherwise begin to approach the standard for all except Apple. In return, the phone has FM radio, a feature usually missing even in more expensive phone models. The second weakness is the battery life. Despite a decent sized battery and smart power saving features must not out five hours of video playback time on the phone. It is in no way a disastrous results, but it is below average for what we get out of the new phones today.

As of this writing has Huawei Ascend G740 not yet begun to be sold either in the shop or by any operator. Price indication for the phone, therefore, we have received from Huawei’s Swedish public relations agency. If your phone really starts to be sold at this price is the really really affordable, and even a couple of hundred more, it is a good buy.

On the other hand

Tomas Nilsson:

I like quality feeling can compare with many phones that are both 2 000 and 3 000 more expensive. I feared at first that Huawei would have it with the time to squeeze in 4 g support, but Ascend G740 feels very complete. NFC and a slightly larger battery, however, had not damaged.

Mobile battery test
Battery video time: 4 h 55 min

Questions and answers

How is the included headset?

It in no way surpasses our expectations for price point. Put down a couple of dog rings are better if you are going to listen to music.

How is the sound in the speakers?

Some of the weakest team of the speaker calls, and of course far too tinny for music.

What is the most obvious feature missing?

It’s probably the NFC, although as long as Apple persist in not embrace it is difficult for it to become a universal standard.

An alternative: other system

It’s hard to find a real alternative in this price class that provides as much for the money, but would you like to have Windows Phone instead of Android system is Lumia 625 phone you should look at.

Test chart

The camera delivers significantly better pictures than what we are used to for the price range. See full-sized image in the slideshow.

Screen: 5 inch, IPS, 720 x 1280 pixels

The screen is really nice and bright, and looks good even if it does not have the highest resolution on the market today.

Data connection: 4 g

40 Mbit/s download and 15 Mbit/s upload’s no unusual data speeds with this phone. 4 g is no longer a feature exclusively for top models.

Camera: 8 megapixel

Also the camera is a really nice acquaintance. Even if it is not in the class with the best on the market take the images with a quality above average.