Test: Jolla

A new mobile manufacturers, a new operating system and a brand new thought on the mobile phone. Jolla offers very new and we have tested the phone as yet exist only in a few exclusive pieces.

Despite much new to learn, however, is the Foundation of Jolla the same as Nokia used in their mobile Nokia N9 and Nokia N900 for that matter. The interface is built around the sweep on the screen and it is these gestures that often replaces the button press. With habit from other phones, it is natural that this involves a small learning curve. You simply make some wrong from the beginning. Basically, however, feels the swipe gestures to use fairly logical. To draw aside to push aside the active app, and do other things. One of the advantages of Sailfish OS operating system called is that even the apps you slide away is active and displayed in miniature. This means that for example the maps if you have directions started continues to show the directions in custom thumbnail if you minimized the app and it’s a smart way to manage multitasking to allow the phone to work on several things at once.

To quit an app by dragging your finger from the top of the screen, although it seems logical.

Choice of apps to get forward, drag the contents of the screen down. Then there is a menu at the top of the screen, but when I want, for example, to delete an email I read does it to me when I read it must scroll up all the way to the top to access menu items. The same thing in, for example, the IM application. Difficult it becomes even in the bathtub spigot where the image of the map covers the entire screen and every swipe of the only moving the map view in the screen.

Three basic modes
In practice, there are three different views in the system Sailfish OS. When you swept away lock screen takes you to the view where active programs in the thumbnail. By shooting off the screen takes you to the list of apps icon appear under and, no matter where you are in the system, drag your finger over the bottom and up over the screen displayed total notifications from the system and your apps. Here you will find, for example, the latest from Twitter and Facebook, and even from the apps you’ve downloaded.

Facebook is just like Google integrated in the system and it will allow you to chat via Facebook Messenger and Google Talk/Hangouts directly in the same app as you receive and send sms. This is actually one of the main strengths of Sailfish OS. Contact list and chat application which handles both text chat is tightly integrated. When you look in the phone’s address book, you can see directly contacts’ status and can see if they are available via Google chat systems. In chattappen can I hold a conversation without having to think so much on which means of communication are used. Next to the Send button, I can choose to change the communication path and it can be text, Google or Facebook. As you look at what the system connector is available with a green small symbol makes it easy to choose. Any support for MMS is not, however, and this we know from the predecessor N900 which only after a time got the mms support in the form of an app you could download. However, at present, are lacking when it comes to Jolla.

That you can not send mms is one of many factors that make Jolla anyway at present is not even an option for those who are looking for a cell phone that will work. During the time I tried the phone, I have several times per day had to reboot the phone completely to the success of the launch the apps I ask it about. What phone can and cannot be since in cases Including a little unclear, or in any case depends on who you ask. Unlike for example Ios’s Including Sailfish OS an open system, which means that much is possible if you strain yourself. For example, you cannot (officially, anyway) to access the app store Google Play with your Jolla, but it does not prevent users from posting detailed instructions for how to do this, enable developer mode, copy the system folders, connect in SSH mode, and so on. It is possible, but it’s not necessarily something that ordinary people should embark on. This is talking of Jolla as phone, for at present it is more an experiment than a phone with features you can really trust.

We look at the official appstödet so has its own app store filled with Jolla Sailfish apps and then an official support for Applications, but not directly from the Android market but through alternative app stores like Yandex and 1Mobile Market. The selection is great and I find apps like Instagram, our site and many other of the most popular apps, including Swedish Aftonbladet. I think Androidapparna works better than I had expected. They have access to the camera and the file system, and there is also no problem, for example, to run the apps in landscape mode. Nor did I encounter any problem when I run Android Skype in Jolla and I can both receive and make voice-as well as video calls as well as be available even when the app is not in the foreground. On the other hand, so have the Android apps are not the same type of minimized mode that can be displayed in the The mobile Jolla multitaskingvy, but I can live with. Widgets which many Android apps offers, you also let on in Including mobile. One must also consider that the usual svepgesterna for example to bring up the menu at the top of the screen does not work when running a Androidapp. Regardless of which system the app you use is made of so affected the navigation also of if you run the app in landscape mode as svepgesterna from the bottom of the screen, then suddenly takes place from this page instead and vice versa. You may think a little extra, because there are no buttons on the device that clearly shows what is up and down.

Basic features of the system work well and, for example, the keyboard responds well and gives you word suggestions in a view between the writing surface and the keyboard. If you miss any key and type the error so you get the fix by clicking the word you wanted to write. The word suggestion is of course depends on what language you’re writing in, and you change the language simply by holding down the key space. The phone app is unusually choosy and consists largely of only one view of your recent calls. Would you call someone you not just called or received calls from, you do it by pulling down the menu and choose if you want to call a contact or enter a new phone number on the keypad that pops up on the screen.

Unique hardware
Now, we have talked a lot about software as it affects so much of what impression you get of the phone, but the hardware is also important for the overall experience. Purely in terms of design, the phone is from Jolla clearly peculiar. The two-piece design with it Jolla calls “Other half” is what defines the design and the other half to be able to expand the phone’s capabilities by instead of the white plastic shell that make up half of our phone snaps on a keyboard, a solar charger, support for Wireless charging, or whatever it may be. The white plastic shell we have adds no functionality to your phone and feels right fragile when we take it off to put in the SIM card and memory card. Many small white spikes keeps it in place and you are afraid that any of these should go by, something that can easily happen, it feels as if we are not careful.

We look at how the phone performs purely hardware wise so impresses the not. I often see the message ‘ loading … ‘ when I open apps, and it often takes several seconds to launch even small simple apps. The speaker in the phone, for example, to listen to music or watch a video clip is churlish generous and the sound is both low and bad. With headphones, however, so it will be much better.

To transfer content to your phone in the form of music or video is probably a memory card the best way, but I copy files from the PC to the memory card, see never phone and it is only when I copy the files to the internal memory as they pop up. To connect your phone to a PC works on Windows 7 and later, but to transfer files to or from Mac or Windows XP cannot. Which is probably the easiest way to take the detour via an online storage service.

Nokia-the legacy
Jolla has inherited a lot from previous Nokia models, but the camera clearly does not belong there. Image gallery where your pictures end up have a strength and it is that it can also display Facebook images seamlessly, as if they were on the phone’s internal storage. However, we are looking at the camera, it’s hard to think of many positive words to describe it. Above all, give the Flash very bright light that results in weird skin tones.

I am convinced that Jolla when they made this their first phone made and thought right in many ways. When I post a couple of days with Jolla using Iphone and Android will I find myself using swipe gestures from Sailfish OS, so it’s a good sign. They are logical and intuitive. However, one can not claim that Jolla is finished with the job and for the phone to be truly useful and reliable in function still needs much work.