Test: Otterbox Clearly Protected Privacy

OtterBox screen protector has both advantages and disadvantages, some really unexpected ones.

Screen protectors are popular to prevent scratches on the screen. Some of them also have some special features, such as Privacy protection from Otterbox that deliberately impairs viewing angle on your phone. This is to prevent prying people on the subway and similar looking what you are doing. The part of the protective film works great even if someone is sitting right next to us. The downside is that the surface layer gets small details on the screen to see the closest to live out, as if the phone had poorer resolution than what it has. It is really only noticeable occasionally, but then it’s Oh so disturbing.

The finish, however, has another fun feature in the form of a superb grip. Imagine that you cover your screen with a huge fine sandpaper. Not serious enough to stop your finger, but just enough to give you a better “grip” with your finger and then a bit more accuracy. It’s almost enough to buy it, no matter if you care about prying eyes or not.