Test: Our Site Sportiiiis

Are details That You are looking for in your workout is Sportiiiis a rather fun accessories.

Our site, we have been in contact with in the past in the form of their heart rate monitor that legends played with both Bluetooth Smart and Ant + at the same time. It will be used, among other things, if you are running Sportiiiis, which is an accessory that clips onto your glasses or sportbrillor.

You connect and configure the device via your computer and specify, for example, a pulse range or speed that device to measure. The device then talking with either the speed/Cadence sensor or a heart rate monitor and shows where you are on your predetermined scale with the help of a bunch of LEDs just at the bottom of your field of vision. The device also has a button where you can switch between the different measurement modes. This can be helpful if you want to stay within a specific heart rate zone during your workout, or if you have decided, for example, a ride in a specific speed. The Centre part of the LEDs is green and when you get further out to the left or right, they go from yellow to red. In this way, you can see easily if you are above or below the levels you want to train for.

It is possible to achieve both in certain sports watches and some apps, and it is a type of exercise that many are not going to use the device at the same time without a problem and will work if you have the benefit of this type of exercise, but feel disturbed by having to look at such as a watch, this is a really smart choice.


Name: our site Sportiiiis

Description: “Display” for athletes

Connection: Ant +

Web: our site

Price: $149 (approximately 1 000 kr Excl. duty and shipping)