Test: Seagate Wireless Plus

Wireless Plus is a good idea, but with a few annoying details.

A portable hard drive is always handy to have. If it has built-in wifi and battery to run a bit anywhere, it will be even better, of course. About the same time plays with smart phones, it becomes quite wonderful, or what?

On the whole, Wireless Plus almost as good as it sounds. The device creates its own Wi-Fi network that you can connect to and through the Seagate’s app lets you access movies, music and video stored on your device. It all works much better for ordinary computers and Android devices, then they have a better chance to file management than Apple gadgets, but also for Ios users, it works decently to read files in all cases.

The built-in media player is reasonably competent when it comes to video format, which may be seen as the main purpose for this device. But at the same time it feels hugely stupid that the socket for USB transfer is not only of a proprietary format, but that, in order to have the hard drive Sata port accessible, also consists of a loose adapter. It could have been resolved much more sensible.