Test: Sony Xperia M

Sony lagprislur Xperia M avoid most financial traps.

When mobile phones creeps down in price range £ 200 or less they tend to bid on a bumpy and sometimes directly painful experience. Among the things saving to get the price down, camera, memory, processor and screen. In particular, the memory and the processor can affect performance so much that the phone will not be enjoyable to use.

Sony Xperia M is right at the top of the financial segment in the price, and I think that in most cases teetering on the right side of the performance limit. Working memory of 1 gigabyte is enough for the phone to roll on, but the built-in storage memory on 4 GB’s. There is certainly room for memory cards too, but Google has removed the ability to install apps on the memory card, internal memory is all you have to install apps on. In addition, the system takes up half the internal memory. During the test period do I fill in a short time a large part of the available memory. Do you know that you are going to install many applications, this is not the phone for you.

Processor, dual core 1 GHz, would have been enough to qualify as a top model two years ago, but now it is enough anyway to give a passing grade in the performance tests we run, better than many other models I tested.

Spontaneously, I like the phone’s design. the similar-sized siblings Xperia Z and Z1 but in smaller format and with rounded rubberized back, something I feel makes the phone much more comfy to hold. Unfortunately, the phone is not waterproof like Sony mobiles otherwise they wont be. Mobiles with four inch big screen has on almost unimaginably short time gone from jättemobiler to minimobiler, and I see the phone as small and handy, an impression that is reinforced by the fact that it weighs less than most phones today. A cosmetic detail that I like is notifieringslampan in the bottom, pulled out sideways, does it look like a bit like a flashing Sauronöga.

That the screen belongs to a budget mobile, one notices above all on the bad angle. You just have to tilt it a little a little sideways to the colors will start to shift. But besides that, I think, however, that the screen is decently sharp and bright, and it does not budget the errors that vary in color or brightness, or bad pressure sensitivity, along the edges.

The camera, however, meets my expectations on compromises for price point. The pictures I take look okay on the mobile screen and has really good color reproduction. But when you take them into your computer, they look to be far too tightly compressed. Or not enough better optics. In which case can withstand the pictures not to be enlarged. Even more worrying is, perhaps, that I find it hard to get good focus in the images, and when I take close-ups is neither the subject nor the background sharp. A plus for that there are camera button in all cases.

The phone system is Android 4.1.2, which is not exactly a pinfärsk version, but in all cases sufficiently new to it should have Google updates that make the system less laggy. Sony’s own extensions vary in quality. I think that your e-mail program and calendar not keeping same quality such as Samsung’s, but on the other hand, the music player is good looking and good with some smart functions.

I also like that Sony added some functions to configure the keyboard so that you can decide if there should be buttons for point and come and smileys, and more.

If you buy a phone mostly to make calls and send text messages with is Xperia M not a bad choice. Like most Android mobiles can be found here the smart dialing feature that you can punch in the numbers that contain the letters in the name of the one you want to call, and after a few letters, you have a limited number of people from the phone book to choose from. Have you started using the function ends it entirely to look up the number in any other way, and becomes extremely annoyed with mobile phones that lack it. The sound of the phone is strong, but not necessarily clear. I feel that it is a little burkigare and skrälligare than I am used to from other mobiles, but not so as to make the phone difficult to use.

Battery life may also be mentioned. I feel that your phone can handle itself on standby for a really long time, and when we run our test where Xperia M may play the video with the screen until the battery runs out it 6 hours and 20 minutes, a result above average and near the best phones on the market today.

There are many manufacturers who are betting on the budget segment right now, and from Huawei, ZTE and LG, you can get both larger display and 4 g at the same price. In order for you to choose precisely this phone, it should probably be other reasons. Maybe you had a Sony or Sony Ericsson before and are familiar with their version of Android. Or you just like the format and quality of the shell. One reason as good as any, and as long as you don’t have too high expectations of, above all, the camera is Sony Xperia M not a bad purchase.

On the other hand

Tomas Nilsson: Xperia M is a smooth and stylish mobile, but the external qualities screws up the expectations a little too high. There are budgetlurar that both feels faster and has better camera.

Mobile Battery test
6 h 20 min

Questions and answers

Is your phone waterproof?

No, it is one of the few Xperia phones is not.

How is the sound in the speakers?

The speaker is loud and clear conversations (albeit not for music), but the maximum volume is a little low.

The phone will get an update of the system?

Budgetlurar tend not to be high-priority when it comes to system updates, so don’t count on it.

An alternative: More for your money

Do you want to have as much as possible for the money is the Huawei Ascend G740 a phone that gives you more and better of the time.

Test chart

As long as you see the image in this format you can see most of the color rendition is good and does not notice problems with sharpness and focus.