The Founder of Android: We Would Make a Camera US

Android-founder, Andy Rubin, tells the plan was to make an OS for the camera, but he is satisfied with the bet on mobiles.

In a speech at an event in Tokyo could be one of the founders, Andy Rubin, tell that they actually dreamed about, to develop an OS for “smart cameras”.

The idea was that their cameras had to save the pictures online, but as the smartphone market suddenly exploded changed the opinion and would instead of customizing the operating system for mobile phones. It writes our site.

-“Exactly the same, exactly the same operating system platform, which we built for cameras, it was for Android for mobile phones,” said Rubin.

Rubin was later employed in Google after they had acquired Android in august 2005.

During the speech in Tokyo showed Rubin slides from a presentation he gave to investors back in April 2004. Business plans were changed in a short time and five months later was Android has become the company, which was called for a “mobile telephony solution based on open source codes”.