Thermos Test – Alfi Isothermal Perfect Thermos

Actually, you’d think Yes there is a thermos not much to keep in mind when buying. Finally thermos flasks are on it nothing more than a double-walled cylinder with a cup above.

As it is not so easy, there’s our thermos test. Below we have summarized the most important details of friends.

As thermos flasks can be inserted in many ways, have very I end up even a few notes, for whom this Alfi thermos is particularly suitable.

Executive Summary:

  • well processed high quality thermos
  • rated by Stiftung Warentest “Good” (in the test: Alfi isothermal perfect 1,0L with automatic lock)
  • spill-proof and easy to pour thanks to easy-pour Cap
  • dishwasher-proof and easy to clean


To get a first impression of the Alfi insulated bottle isothermal perfect , we look at first of all the product video . Compressed to approximately two minutes there is ever the most important facts.

If it has enough friends already, you come here directly to the Alfi isothermal perfect thermos.

Thermos test for the Alfi isothermal perfect

To process this Alfi thermos

Alfi’s products are of high quality. Nevertheless, the isothermal perfect insulating bottle sets it again above a and stands out through excellent workmanship and functionality from other products.

This thermos has been tested by Stiftung Warentest and became the test result “Good” (in the test: vacuum flask isothermal perfect 1.0 L automatic closure).

Us is striking at the thermos flasks and Thermobechern by Alfi always, that are for example the joints of the teapots and cups and the processing of lids and caps exceptionally precise and robust .

5 years warranty on best insulating performance

Through the use of very high-quality stainless steel, the sophisticated construction , as well asexemplary processing Alfi is a five-year warranty on the promised insulating performance. This is absolute top and is surpassed only by a few manufacturers.

The functionality of the Alfi isothermal perfect

This thermos by Alfi has no additional gadgets or functions. The most important properties are a thermos implemented perfectly and absolutely reliable.

Hot/cold insulation effect

The pot is made up of a double-walled, unbreakable stainless steel body. Alfi referred to the specially developed design as ‘ Toptherm insulator “.

If you make the recommendation by Alfi holding (for example pot warm or cool), peak values of up to 12 hours and cold drinks can be warm drinks up to 24 hours reach.

Big mug

The cup of that Alfi is above average sizethermos. This is very pleasant, because it must not refill after every second SIP.

The shutter a thermos is a vulnerability about the heat lost. Therefore you should screw again the Cup after drinking on the thermos.

“easy-pour” automatic lock

The Alfi insulated bottle includes isothermal perfect by default an automatic shutter. The use of the thermos with this firing is very comfortable.

After filling the CAP is screwed. For pouring out the thermos flask with the recessed lever to open and then again to close the leak-proof it enough.

The design of the Alfi insulated bottle isothermal perfect

This thermos by Alfi is characterised above all by its functionality, materials and processing. In terms ofdesign , one can speak only of Classic .

Their shape as well as the Matt finished stainless steel fit into the picture, that automatically has all of us in the head when the term thermos falls.

HIGHLIGHT: The cleaning this Alfi thermos

At this point friends will fall a stone from the heart under certain circumstances. Because the Alfi iso Therm perfect thermos belongs to the exceptional phenomena under the thermos flasks, as it is also for the dishwasher suitable.

The pot itself, as well as the Cup, as well as the items of breech are dishwasher-proof.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you must clean this thermos also by HOMETHODOLOGY. And just when you’ve decided for one of our thermos motifs we recommend cleaning by hand, or alternatively with cleaning rod.

Applications of Alfi isothermal perfect thermos

Who is looking for a high quality thermos, is perfect sure nothing go wrong with the iso Therm.

Due to the leak-proof seal it is ideal for all situations, where you prepare your drink and then want to a different location transport .

Motifs for your thermos

This Alfi vacuum flask has a matt stainless steel surface, the is ideally suited to a motive. All motifs optimal advantage come through the neutral background. If none of the following motifs you like, you can find a wide variety of other subjects on our product page of Alfi insulated bottle isothermal perfect.