This Essential App Will Guide You to the Nearest Pizza

A compass shows you where North is, at times, however, it is more important to know where the nearest the pepperoni pizza is. Here shows the Pizza Compass road.

In ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-mythology can it correct compass pointing towards your heart desires-so smart there is no apps yet. It is, however, a pesto-dripping pizza slice you crave, fantasy become a reality with the app Pizza Compass.

The app’s principle is simple: armed with Google’s map data using the your location to find the nearest pizzeria in your immediate vicinity. The compass needle is, of course, pizza-shaped and indicates the direction while the app calculates the distance to the nearest pizza-pusher.

You can alternatively choose to let Apple or Google Maps to find your way to your Italian flatbread, but the app’s support of Google Wear makes to your inner ninja turtle can get directions directly to the wrist-never has it been so easy to find pizza the way.

Pizza Compass costs 6 dollars in Google’s Play Big and can be downloaded here. The app is also available for iOS, however, without Wear support.