Tips For a Green Halloween Party

Decorations whimsical, grinning pumpkin, wacky costumes, treats all is … Halloween is an opportunity for children to be entertained by surveying the houses in the neighborhood to demand candy. It’s funny, but only this, decorations often consume waste, sweets are overpacked and we do not always know what to do with the pumpkin after party…

Halloween is going green

Fun without missing, decorate creatively scare the neighbors… yes but not at the expense of the planet! Here are some simple and practical tips for a Halloween green and more economic.

The head decoration

A Halloween decoration plays a major role. Instead of buying expensive accessories rather give a second life to your old items or enter the good economic and ecological areas:

  • To represent characters as a witch or a monster, collect empty containers such as laundry packs, pots of yoghurt or milk cartons that you can paint with watercolor. Collect as boxes that you can then recycle.
  • Use thel eaves to stuff the characters. The leaves can also be used very well to decorate the house!
  • To cobwebs as lifelike, use cotton you composterez once the finished festival.
  • For the decoration of the door of the house, consider a wreath in natural branches.
  • For eco confirmed, there is now the bright decorations for Halloween LED (pumpkin lanterns, candles…)
  • Think reuse Deco previous years.

Sustainable pumpkin

Obtain if possible organic pumpkin and enjoy a time the drawn character, to recover the flesh and seeds, source of vitamins and minerals to make delicious soups, pies and tasty snacks.
Enjoy this celebration to recover the dead leaves and pumpkin after use to make compost. If you do not have composter, check with your municipality to see if it offers this service.

Malignant disguises

What is true for the decoration also goes for the costumes. Nothing like the “home made”!

  • Your cherub wants to dress as a ghost?Use the classic old sheet.
  • Your child probably has cousins his age almost, are proposing to trade
  • Collect old clothing or pieces of fabric that you assemble into a unique and original costume.
  • You can rent a costume made from recycled clothing.
  • To make masks, use plates cardboard (preferably recycled).

Respectful treats the planet

Sweets are often individually packaged, generating a lot of waste unnecessary. So when you distribute sweets or chocolates, focus on sweets sold loose or in family size is ecologically and economically.

  • Why not introduce children to the fair trade chocolate and organic candy?
  • Keep some packages remaining candies to decorate your Christmas gifts!
  • To collect the sweets, give a recycled bag reusable your child and accompany the walk! No way to use the car, it will not entertain your child and allow you to do some exercise while respecting the environment.

Most: You have decided to organize an evening in for Halloween? Think of cutlery and table decorations recycled (see! Moreover, focus on lighting the candle, economical and ideal for a baroque atmosphere!