Tips for Makeup for Prom

Imagine a special moment in your life is coming, the moment you’ve always dreamed of: after years of effort, sleepless nights, and concerns about the academic life to your long-dreamed graduation arrived.

Now the only anxiety is as to how you will be on your graduation. “With that clothes should go to prom? With that shoe? And the hair? And my makeup? “

In times like these, the best thing to do is to go as natural as possible. Be yourself and accentuate your best attributes. So, in a few years when you are killing miss that beautiful day alongside your colleagues, you will be able to see without regrets “because I used this makeup? It has nothing to do with me! “. To avoid this repentance, here are some tips and suggestions of makeup for prom.

PromMakeup Step by Step


First, it is ideal if you plan. Go in search of the perfect outfit in advance, and planning the hairdo and make-up with easy with the professional that you chose. That way you will be minimizing the chances of something going wrong.

Did you see that beautiful picture of your favorite artist where she’s using a makeup also beautiful, or you come across photos on Pinterest of wonderful makeup and has saved all on your cell phone to use as references and lead to their professional and, together, they decide how to do it and what is the best makeup for prom.

This planning is important especially if you haven’t previously worked with the makeup artist that will make your prom makeup. In addition, although the grace to make up is the fact that there are no rules for such a thing, not every production applies to makeup for prom.

If you decided to do your makeup for prom alone, without the help of a professional, planning is easier since, in theory, you know yourself and you know what looks good and what doesn’t work. After planning, the ideal is to get organized. >>

Establish timetables, if you need to be at the site of the College in advance, do your hair and makeup in advance, to avoid unwanted delays. Separate what products you will use in your makeup for prom is important, so you won’t lose time in time to put on makeup.

Another important thing for any makeup is care. Be with skin on day helps a lot on the duration of your makeup. So, make an effort and try to take care of your face and body to your big day.


Preparing your skin is essential for your makeup to last. Professionals recommend a thorough cleaning. This cleaning can start in the shower, with a facial soap for your skin type.

Then you can make a body scrub. But be careful, use a product that you already know. On exfoliation, focus on the centre of your face, because that’s where most people accumulate more impurities. Avoid the eye area where the skin is more sensitive and don’t forget your forehead and his neck, but careful not to dry these areas.

If you do not have the habit of washing your face in the shower, do it after the exfoliation, or if you prefer, you can use some cleaning mask that is to your liking. After these two steps, don’t be surprised if your skin appear to be dry, it’s normal. Therefore, the use of facial moisturizer on your preparation of makeup for prom is essential. If it contains some sunscreen even better. Also don’t forget to spend some lip balm, it also helps in the duration of the lipstick color that you choose.

The sunscreen is always important, if your graduation is during the day or if your party is outdoors, the protector becomes essential. But if you do not want to spend 1001 products, try a product that add benefits. Remember to let your skin absorb well each product before applying a new one.

The time of primer

Do you want your makeup to graduation last. So, even using a moisturizer, you must pass a primer.

The primer, and moisturizing qualities, also serves to prepare the skin to receive the foundation and concealer.

The primer will neutralize possible spots and possible redness, besides “fix” better to base on your face. There are several types of primers for different occasions, so choose the one that fits better to the expected result on your makeup for prom.


Considering that you should look natural, use a base that provides it. To choose a base that you like, whether it be of low, medium or high coverage, it is important that you do not overdo it in layers.

Make thin layers, to give lightness and to avoid the appearance of “cement” that sometimes a base over the top.


The same for the correction regardless of the order (correction – base, base – correction) that you prefer to spend it. Watch out for the eye area, although it is one of the areas most in need of correction because of the dark circles, the correction must be made with caution.

As most likely you will be photographed, if you overdo the correction in that area you won’t seem natural in the photos, something that later can bring any unwanted feeling. Also don’t overdo it in the dust, if you use any. Use only in the area of your face T, to avoid excessive brightness.


If you need to fix in the eyebrows, please carefully follow the natural movement of them. In a makeup for prom, maybe it’s a good thing to neutralize the tone of your eyelids. To do this simply use a neutral shadow matte or similar to your skin tone. In this way, the color that you choose in your makeup for prom will be stronger, with their eyes.


If you wear glasses and if the use of contact lenses is not an option, the hint is the same: just be yourself.As usual the glasses take prominence in upper eyelids, the guidance is that your makeup for prom featured the eyebrow and highlight the lower part of the eyes. This is also a way to add a color more bold or vibrant without being heavy, and for those who wear glasses is a way to continue to receive attention from the look.

But they should be careful with the application of mascara. Not just in a makeup for prom, but in any other makeup, applying mascara on lower lashes form the illusion of a shadow in the eyes of those who use glasses.


Also avoid overreacting in blush and contour, but lipstick vibrant colors are welcome. Let the make-upheavier and festive to after graduation, when you are getting ready for your party.

It’s also good to keep in mind that it will probably be a exciting event, so if you can opt for waterproof products, use them in your makeup for prom. After all, you want to be beautiful even crying with emotion.