Tips to Elongate Short Legs

Tips to elongate short legs. Women who have short legs, have many options to be able to lengthen them in a balanced and elegant. In this article it mention some of the options to elongate short legs, so keep reading and make a note.

  1. mix lengths when you use a suit. When you use a suit to a major holiday, you must mix lengths properly. For example; use a cute short skirt with a beautiful jacket that is long and should use it a short jacket with a cute skirt that is long.
  2. wear skirts and trousers that are high. These kinds of items are great to visually lengthen the legs, especially in women who have a high waist. If you have a low waist, it is recommended that you do not use high-waisted skirts and trousers.
  3. also use shorts and short skirts. The length of this garment should llagar to below the knees, that way to avoid highlight your short legs. You forget to wear shorts and skirts that reach the knees, because these will be highlighted to a more your short legs.
  4. pants can’t get cigarette and also long pants. These pants also help to create the illusion of long legs, do not hesitate to buy them. For the season of spring and summer, I recommend you to use fisherfolk pants and capri pants.
  5. jackets, Sheepskin and t-shirts. This kind of garment should be short, so will be much better disguise and elongate short legs. In those days that gets very hot (summer season) use short tops that are fresh and comfortable.
  6. do not use long sacks and also the tunics. Mostly these kinds of items arrive up to the hips and reduce your lower body half. The advantage of these garments is that they will lengthen your torso.
  7. If you have short legs and want to lengthen them, because you choose to use a single color. This advice is essential to visually lengthen the entire body, so it is ideal for women of small stature.
  8. use your clothes with heel shoes shoes medium or low. This type of driveway also helps lengthen your legs around your body. You can not only choose this type of walkway, but also for casual shoes that have the WAD of an inch.
  9. pants with wide legs and trousers with hems. These pants are not suitable for the girls who have short legs. They are ideal for women with long legs.
  10. slim jeans. These items are great for all girls of stature who have short legs. Slim jeans have a glued cut and straight design, which are perfect to lengthen the body and give the appearance of long legs. Mostly this type of jeans should use with comfortable and cute heels.
  11. pants jeans stylish. This type of pants are more elegant, they carry a fit relaxed in the thighs and hips. This type of pants creates the illusion of height, therefore they are also ideal for women’s short legs.