To Wear Fur or Not

“If you value the Amazon, save yourselves the skin!”. So Greenpeace has appealed to professionals in the fashion industry jobs during LineaPelle International Fair which was held in Bologna. What’s happening? Despite an agreement that dates back to two years ago, JBS, the Brazilian company a world leader in the processing of animals, continues to use cattle placed under protection because responsible for the deforestation of the Amazon: 61% of deforested areas are occupied by pastures and farms! “The Amazon ranchers continue undisturbed to sell meat and skin to JBS – says Clare Champion, head of the Campaign for Greenpeace Forests Italy – gradually destroying an area already at risk.”

In many then do not know that the farms in question are illegal because even account for 80% of land that should be targeted to indigenous (so confined in the remaining 20%)! And then we talk about all animals skinned and sacrificed every day in these death camps? It’s worth it just to wear a fur coat or a pair of leather boots?

What I think is that I am on business to handle, observe, touch and alas, sometimes even wear real fur … as well as faux fur fur, the so-called ecological fur. We have the technology to create beautiful fur, warm and soft even with synthetic materials: why continue to kill animals for this, I wonder? Not to interrupt a turnover too big to be stopped? This is what makes me think.

And do not forget also boots, belts, bags and wallets. Yes, these are partly due to the environmental disaster described above, but often we do not think … just going to incriminate the furs. But raise your hand if you have at least one real leather head in your wardrobe, shoe or purse? Kill to obtain leather or suede has less relevance to kill to get a fur coat? Where it begins and where it ends our moral sense? It is a very controversial subject on which I would very much like to hear also your opinion, what do you think?