To What Room Fits Sticker on the Wall With a Butterfly

The butterflies are on magazine wrote once – namely in the section of tips for beautiful motifs, where we picked him as a nice wall decoration with butterfly. Even here you can find useful tips for proper color, size and location.

But you relate mainly to a specific theme. But to what rooms are most appropriate sticker with a butterfly motif? It can answer today’s article.

Room and butterflies

First, we select the individual rooms, which can be found in most households:

  • kitchens,
  • living room,
  • bedroom,
  • children’s room,
  • bathroom,
  • cloakroom.

The appropriate stickers to these rooms have already written several articles (see section guidance and practical advice). But too often there butterflies appear as the ideal accessory that fits everywhere. Why? Is not it nice motive? It is – but …

We must understand here that each adhesive motif has its own page design and semantic. And on the other is often forgotten. Butterfly design is one of the most beautiful works of art that “Mother Nature” has ever created. More probably you will not find more beautiful creatures that look like from another world. The appearance of butterflies is not a problem.

See wall sticker guide on

Conversion into beauty

How is the butterfly with meaning? In many references to the result of transformation (change of unsightly cocoon into a beautiful butterfly). The transformation may be able to talk and infamous famous Red Dragon- many well-known stories about Hannibal Lecter. But back to the beautiful and innocent butterflies.

Linked with them one more – the vulnerability and fragility. And there may be a bit of a problem. In matters we surround ourselves with, we see (whether consciously or not) some symbolism, which is close to us. So the men often choose strong, dangerous and predatory motives of women compared to the much calmer and feel more abstract stickers. And now we are getting closer and closer to an ideal room – you probably already suspect brighter.

Where do you fit sticker on the wall with a butterfly?

Especially in rooms where reigns aesthetically sophisticated woman who is not ashamed of her femininity … and fragility. He is aware that it is a gentle, conscientious and even innocent thoughts. Girls rooms are clear.

Young girls tend to be very natural motifs and beautiful butterfly just may be their first choice. Here true importance of transformation from little girls in puberty becomes beautiful and confident woman. And here a butterfly motif girls want to “ensure” that made ​​them will also become what they want …That’s all to the mystery of butterflies.