Towels Are Soft and Fragrant

Maybe even you know, you wash, dry, calm such incidents, and those beautiful terry towels on the softness you when buying so much enjoyed, anywhere. They make little rough and absorbent colorful decorations to the bathroom.

Few things are equal good feeling after a warm bath or shower when the strudel into soft terry towels. Not always manage to keep terry towels “in good shape”. We bring you some tips on how to make your towels were nice and soft.

  • Before the first wash carefully read the label on a towel.
  • Proper care begins even before the first use when you need a towel to wash together with other equally colored clothes, preferably at forty degrees to retract fibers. When you first wish of a dark towel removes the excess dye.
  • Wash towels in the washing machine is always at the recommended temperature.
  • Rather than washing powder use gel.

What to do if the towels are rough and coarse

Although it sounds paradoxical, the biggest mistake when washing towels adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle. Action softener fibers “sticks” together and the towel will never be such heboučký and fluffy as before.


The ideal is dry towels in the dryer. Drying but do not set the extra high temperatures, it can cause overheating of fibers that could be damaged. If you do not have a dryer, fine. But beware, towels Never dry on a hot radiator. Fibers break and towel breaking down.

Unpleasant odor

Nobody likes a smelly towels, especially after what had just showered. If laundered towels foul-smelling, try it first be washed in very hot water with 1-2 cups of vinegar, and then again wash the usual detergent.

If you want to avoid malodorous towel after use should always be hung so that the well dried up.

Towels badly they suck moisture

Small absorption – it is an endless problem of cheap towels that are made from high quality combed cotton. The best choice is the Aegean and Egyptian combed cotton.

In order towel irritating skin

When washing towels to the amount of detergent overdo. Generous dose of detergent is a common mistake housewives. Always follow the recommended dosage. Plenty of laundry detergent not only better to wash, but it costs you more money. Additionally, if you have a washing machine with a special program that evaluates the quality of the discharged water, and if it appears in the dirt or detergent, adding a further rinsing, washing powder or gel will remain on towels. On the substance will remain deposits and terry remains stiff and discolored. It also detergent captured on a towel may irritate the skin.
The use of too small amount of detergent, however, in turn, may cause decalcification of water, which resulted in the loss of softness terry.

What do the towels fading?

If you want the towels were always the same color, add together the first wash with detergent and 1-2 cups of vinegar. When washing colored terry towels use a strong bleach only when they are white. But if the towel stated that it is not appropriate to use chlorine bleach, do not use it, because some white towels are finished, which should not be bleached. It could eventually weaken the fibers and cause the towels are less absorbent.

Good advice in conclusion:

Terry not iron! Ironing the stitches and presses the material loses its original velvety appearance and the ability to absorb water.