Trail Running Shoes

More and more runners find trail running: race on dirt tracks through nature, small events of elongated and sometimes even over long distances. Fast times are small, enjoy nature and your fellow trailers win the tough course is central. With the growth of this branch from running even growing supply trail running shoes.But you have these special shoes really necessary, and if so, which?

Yes or no Trail Running shoes?

Especially if you are driving in the Netherlands and participate in events on fairly flat terrain, often go far in regular running shoes.On dry surfaces like grass, sand or you’ll have enough grip and as long as there is little or no hills, offering you?? street shoes?? enough support. By hills, wet ground or just rock hard, uneven surface, it is interesting to consider specific trail running shoes.

Driving on wet or slippery surfaces

Rain can be a dirt road change significantly. Sandy clay and grass is slippery: your regular running shoes to get over the lack grip, so you can drop less and the risk of falls and injuries increases. A running shoe with a little extra grip is nice. With snow, especially when it is flattened, you can use more grip. An alternative to shoes with very grippy snow irons ?? ??, A sort of beginner’s pads with a metal profile that you slip under your regular running shoes.Much cheaper than an extra pair of shoes!
Is your trail of waterlogged roads and deep puddles? Most normal but also many trail shoes are especially breathable and barely hold water against. A track shoe gore-tex is quite good waterproof and will keep your feet dry long. The downside of these shoes is that you have less breathability.

Running in hilly or mountainous terrain

If you are in the dunes on the Veluwe or in South Limburg are driving, you meet the necessary hills and hills. Even uphill walk your heart and your lungs are the most tested, the road down to the legs much heavier than running on a flat road. Downhill reach high speeds and often is adjusted higher and higher, which means that your legs touch the ground with greater force. Lightweight shoes can be made by yourself and are often on the road relatively little attenuation, making this hilly terrain does not provide enough support for each runner. With a heavy and durable shoe with more cushioning course you comfortable and protect your ankle and knee joints better.

Trail Running buy shoes

Both outdoor and outdoor manufacturers like Salomon, The North Face, and La Sportiva as usual???? Running brands like Asics, Nike and Mizuno sells trail running shoes. Enough choice! If you do not have much experience with cross-country and go to the first training for an event, ask for advice at a running specialty store and display the information on the platforms that Trail-Our site and MudSweatTrails.