Triangle (Trikonasana) as a Yoga Pose

This yoga posture promotes flexibility, strength and energy. Its benefits are many, as it is a position that maintains the health and flexibility of the spine, while stimulates various internal organs. Besides this, it is an asana that in a psychological plane connects us to the earth and our inner strength. Therefore it is especially recommended when we need stability and personal security. Like the tree pose, it has the double characteristic that gives us roots and expansion.

Physical benefits: some of his great physical benefits: increases energy, helps the digestive system, tones the nerves and abdominal organs, keeps flexible by stretching laterally the muscles and spine spine, strengthens the legs, arms and back , promotes flexibility of the hips and legs, stimulates circulation, massage the liver, can help correct the shortening of a leg fracture, lighter body makes.

Mental / spiritual benefits: the triangle is a position that gives us emotional stability, connects us to our center, gives us inner strength and flexibility. It stimulates our first chakra , which gives us physical and emotional security and stability.

How it is done

  1. Stand up straight and spread your legs about a meter or 120 cm, according to your height.Note that your feet are parallel to each other and are firmly supported. Balance your weight on both feet and feels equally stability. Turn the right foot 90 degrees to your right.
  2. Bring the arms parallel to the floor, at the height of your shoulders, palms facing down, and lift the left arm straight with your head. Read more.
  3. Feeling the stretch in your left side and keeping always straight forward hip, slides his right hand and let it rest on your calf or thigh (never above the knee). It is more important than your hips do not rotate your hand to get down. Listen to your body.
  4. Your left arm is stretched, with your left ear. The fingers of your hand are close together and stretched, like a sword. Your right hand just gives you stability but should not bear weight. This is a position that should be held both strong and light.
  5. If you have enough stability, opens the chest and turns his head toward the sky, or if you prefer you can keep your eyes straight ahead.Keep your legs straight. Breathe consciously maintaining stable breathing for twenty thirty seconds and returns to the initial position to switch sides.

Tips for Beginners:

It’s important that your hip does not rotate and stay all the time forward. It is enough to stretch you achieve without you start to turn.

Remember to breathe steadily while holding posture.

-Some Yoga postures are ideal for close your eyes, relax deepen our being. However, most standing poses are a little different because instead of fall back us expand and invigorate and therefore it is more appropriate to keep your eyes open, especially those involving balance. In this case, we recommend stare at a single point to maintain balance. Try to stay firm in the position but with grace and lightness and breathe smooth and stable.


The triangle has several variations, such as triangles extended, extended posture angle or the previous two inverted version, placing the opposite hand support, allowing us to turn the torso to be looking back.

Precautions and contraindications: heart condition, low blood pressure, anxiety