Tricks And Tips For Thicker Eyelashes

We can not deny it. Want to all women with thick, dark eyelashes eyes as they had the dolls with which we played when we were girls. Why? Very simple, thick eyelashes get to make the eye appear bigger, look more almond (where the eyelashes are well curly) and offers a look awake and alive (as if you had rested like a Queen). In recent years, there are women who resort to a makeup effect ‘ does not make-up’ for the day but even in those cases the eyelashes makeup is missing. There are also others who, aware of the importance of eyelashes, they resort to extensions, but that has some undesirable ‘side effects’. Others opt for false eyelashes, but these are not suitable for all females: those of very sensitive eyes may not resist that feeling ‘false’ that produce or adhesive formula. So let’s simpler alternatives.

There are some tricks that will get your eyes look with thick as if by magic eyelashes and among all of them we have selected two because they are fast and easy. For one only need transparent mask and mask black and the other a good black eyeliner to eyes long and black mask.

Tip 1: Reballing

1. Find a mask of lashes with a thick brush and apply one or two layers in the base of the eyelashes, depending on the effect that you seek.

2. Rotates smoothly applicator horizontally root insisting seconds and gently sliding it towards the tip. The goal is to create a union between them. The ‘wet effect’ of this mask helps to shape without excesses.

  1. To finish, it applies a layer of black mask’s quality (best if your formula takes care of eyelashes as well as make them), but this time without insisting on excess at the root, by simply applying a layer.
  2. Don’t spend time between coats so that no lumps.


Tip 2: With black eyeliner

  1. With the black eyeliner, mark small dots on the inside of the upper eyelid.
  2. Once you’ve done this, it begins to fill the spaces between eyelashes, forming a continuous line. In this step, outlined can be as subtle or intense as you want.

3. It curls your eyelashes, apply several coats of mascara and voila!, your eyes will be more awake and your eyelashes look thick as if by magic.

You can use this advice with a natural makeup or to give more emphasis, for example, to red lips.

In any case, what is important is to start perfect eyebrows, with a well defined form and precise length. Don’t make the mistake of plucking them leaving them thin, as if they were ‘a row of ants’: they do not favor and are not carried. Let them with their natural shape and clean and marked bow. In addition to crimp your lashes with a good curling iron (always looking for quality makeup tools) because nothing will serve these tips if your hairs are stiff as a stick. Curling them well to make sure that they are perfectly dry and best if you don’t have the cold face (the heat helps to fix ripple). If you also need some ideas to update your eye-makeup don’t of read this topic with 14 tips.