Trust USB HUB TYPE-C with 4 Ports

The new MacBook is the ultra-portable device. It is smaller and lighter than any other Apple computer, it is also a number of ports stingy. The “malady” However solves USB HUB-C brand Trust, which will be extended by two USB 3.0 ports, and another two type-C
Specifically, this MacBook contains only two ports – one is 3.5 mm jack for headphones, the other is a standard USB C. Therefore, if you want to connect this device something, it must have either one of these two ports, or you must use reduction. Although the future is in the cloud, but as yet we have “only” in the presence of, a wire that is simply still needed.

One in four, four for one

Trust your products packaged identically, so that in which it is packaged and the HUB is absolutely identical to those in which they find necessary reduction of USB-C to a USB 3.1 or USB-C memory card reader. HUB is done in black, matte plastic material and has a bit cheesy. Thanks to him, but the whole HUB extremely lightweight.

On one side is equipped with a USB port C and the other part is 2x USB labeled 3.1, which represents the characteristic blue color of plastic inside, next to which there is still two USB C. If you already own a certain accessories with this type of USB (eg. A card reader ), you can connect with confidence. USB ports on the HUB-C but are unable to charge your MacBook.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a universal serial bus, a modern way to connect peripherals to computers.Replaces the previously used methods of connection (serial and parallel port, PS / 2, Game Port, etc.) For common types of peripherals – printers, mice, keyboards, joysticks, cameras, modems, etc., but also for the transmission of data from video cameras, card readers, MP3 players, external hard drives and external optical drives.

USB-C (USB Type C)

In 2013, I was known specific draft standard and connector (called Type C). It has dimensions approaching variation microUSB, with properties Lightning connector from Apple. Like the Type C will USB plug in both directions and, moreover, and vice versa. The first devices with the new USB-C began to appear in early 2015 (New MacBook).

The new connector does not only data rate 10 Gb / s but may also be used for power supply. Maximum 5 A at 20 V, ie 100 W (in comparison with the older version is up to 400 times), which is sufficient for the power supply of most laptops. USB Type C has on both sides of the same connector, consisting of 24 contacts (12 top, 12 bottom). USB-C will once used in almost all devices.

It’s nice, but there are also a proverbial “but”

HUB goes into USB-C connector on the MacBook connect very gently. At that moment the white LED diode lights, even when not connected to a HUB with no additional accessories. Compared with the original Apple reduction even now that the brand Trust go into any USB HUB to connect easily and plastics inside unimpeded. Therefore, you can use the device with a sliding mechanism without worrying about damage. Not quite as much as I criticized the above mentioned review reductions.

Pity that the individual ports, all crammed onto one side of the HUB. If they were alternated on either side, it would fit side by side multiple devices. In sync cables and external drives will not be difficult, but if you want to use multiple USB flash drives at once, side by side with you just do not fit (of course depending on their type).

If you want a new MacBook using external hard drives and other USB accessories at once? Then you Reduction Trust comes extremely handy.

With four ports, it may seem that it can be connected only four products. However, when you use must be a card reader, which will be equipped with multiple tabs, you can have them in the finals several times more. Not exactly pleasing not, occasional use, but it certainly fits.

If I could USB HUB-C in charge, I could swallow even the exorbitant price of the product. But because it can not do, and in doing so, will the HUB only excessively hot, the price is quite exorbitant. However, if you use a similar solution, and do not need a full-fledged docking station (eg. The brand OWC ), you have to accept it, or have some time to wait for it to be several similar products and will choose from.