Type C USB 3.0

Hi geeks!

Today I propose to discover a USB hub that offers no less than 7 USB 3.0 ports and connects via USB Type C on your PC or Mac.

This HUB is sold by Aukey you can gather with other on our site.

When unpacking the product we find the following:

  • A cylindrical USB HUB (with 7 USB 3.0 ports)
  • 4 pairs of rubber tips to prevent the hub from rolling (orange, blue, green and gray)
  • A USB cable Type C 1 meter
  • A charger for supplying power to the HUB
  • A manual

The HUB is really beautiful with its brushed aluminum finish and small rubber rings to wedge the HUB bring a little touch of design and very friendly customization.

Concretely everything is plug ‘n play just plug the hub via USB Type C to their PC or Mac to have 7 additional USB ports 3. Moreover it is important to note that the HUB also works if you have a USB 3 cable (male / male) that is not provided here.

The power at the HUB is not required unless you plug hard drives or other devices greedy energy. It will be perfect for you to connect a keyboard, mouse, USB, HDD, charging cables for smartphone and tablet etc …

The use of the HUB is really very simple and compact and we like to carry everywhere with either.

I could do some testing rates with SSD connected on the HUB transfer rates are excellent and almost identical to direct connection to USB hub 3.0 on the eUSBHubs.

Here are the photos taken during the test:

Here is the packaging simple sober effective product

Inside: the HUB, charger, USB cable, C-type, rubber tips, a user manual, a warranty for leafet

Here are 3 USB ports 7

This is where you connect the USB cable to the PC Type C

The design is really clean and the finishes are copies

Here is the HUB and charger

Here’s what it gives with 2 connected cables

To conclude we can say that this HUB has it all, it has a really nice design, the small one appreciates customization possible key with rubber rings.

The external power supply will connect gourmands devices and cable Type C supplied will allow you to connect the hub to your PC / MAC.

If you are interested you can find it on Amazon from € 27.99 at the time of this writing.