Types of Bras for Teenagers

Unless you know the years go by, and approaching the time that your little girl wear her first bra. No doubt accompany a teen or preteen in search of its first training bra can bring feelings in where satisfaction see their development and accompany her on the journey is interspersed with the bittersweet see it stop being a girl.

The first step for the purchase of a training bra is to look at options to then discuss together which will be the style of BRA that suits the personality and style of the girl’s life. As you may already know, underwear is a very intimate issue and it is important to listen and guide a teenager in terms of the options you have to choose.

You’ll then see a list with the most popular models of training Bras to help soak up on the subject before going shopping.

Types of training support

Fortunately there is a wide range of bras for girls and teenagers, so it is very safe for you to find what you and your daughter are looking for, regardless of the needs and the style you have in mind. Here is a small list of styles which may be found on their first trip together to buy underwear.

• Cotton Bralette

In the majority of cases, this is the model chosen as first bra for your daughter. Without a doubt it is the first image that comes to mind when talking about a bra training.

Made of stretch cotton , has the main features is looking for a first bra: comfort and modesty. Comfort is given by the minimum but important support to the budding chest and the absence of hooks to fasten. Provides modest genre hidden breasts beginning to ensure transparent under clothing.

• Cotton Camisole

It is one of the first options. Most pick them to make the transition a little easier or to meet the need for girls “feel a little older” although they are not yet ready to wear a bra.

Like the bralette, the Camisole is made of elastic cotton and provides comfort and freshness in a style suitable for girls.

• Bras with pad

This type of bra is ideal for those girls who have a slightly late development. As any teenager, the girl is compared to the rest, and this can mean discomfort with his body. More than a matter of sexual attraction, the BRA with pad (minimum, is clear) is chosen so that the child feels more comfortable among their peers, helping integrate and generating greater confidence.

• Underwire Bras

Bras Underwire at such an early age may have its cons. Even if they manage to give a better way to bust and provide support (although most of the girls don’t need that kind of support at this early stage), they may be counterproductive if not the perfect fit is achieved. With increased attention in the rest of the models, it is important to find the right bra size (through measurements) so that it does not become a discomfort for the girl and they can interfere with the natural development of the bust.

• Sports Bras

Without a doubt, another big favorite when buying the first bra for a teenage girl, and the reasons are obvious. It is also one of the first options since girls in full development usually have physical activity that accompanies it. Sports bra from Jane provides comfort, firmness and support for an active girl, besides being extremely comfortable and easy to remove and replace.