Underdog iPad Fills 3 Years

The idea of the iPad bed not on many for 3 years ago. But today it is a success.

Three years ago put Apple in the truest sense of the Internet in the hands of consumers. It came with the iPad that came out to the first consumers the 3. April 2010, writes our site.

Analysts predicted that the iPad would initially flopping. It was just an enlarged iPad Touch, meant a lot.

Today is truth, that since its launch in the United States have iPad set record in popularity. It is the fastest selling electronic device in history. In the first 80 days were sold 3 million copies.

At the end of 2012, it took Apple three days, only to sell 3 million units of iPad Mini and the latest (fourth) generation of the iPad. Overall Apple had in January 2013 sold over 120 million iPads.

Research firm IDC expects this year will be sold 190 million tablets, which is still at around 50 percent, if compared to 2012.