Vase with Balloons

This is one of the crafts with balloons more simple and original; In addition to that work very well for decorating a dining room or room and help the planet by recycling because all necessary materials probably have them at home.


  • Small glass of glass or plastic
  • Medium globe
  • Scissors


  1. what to do first is to stretch the balloon the most that you can, this is to make it more flexible and loose.
  2. then, cut the tip of the balloon (the edge of the nozzle just, the thickest part which is enrrollada) and then start to enter the vessel.
  3. it can be a little difficult, but we can help by putting in the globe a little flour so it will not slip.
  4. when covered all the glass, can leave it out the nozzle or you can get, depends of each person.

As you can see, this is the simplest to craft and the result is very modern and original, you can decorate it with stickers, sequins, or what you can think of, just remember not to use hot glue to do not puncture the balloon.