Vases with Bulbs

One of the most original and ecological crafts is this, since using bulbs that may have already blown can create these simple vases that are going very well in many areas of the House, that they don’t take much space and will give you a unique style.


  • Spotlights
  • Tweezers
  • Wire
  • Water
  • Flowers


  1. focus is closed by the brass cequillo so, with tweezers, we must remove it very carefully but we must leave a part of the thread will be useful later.You can cover the glass of the bulb with a cloth so that, if it breaks, you do not hurt yourself.
  2. remove all what is in focus.
  3. make two holes in each end of the thread to wire that held to the light bulbs and these can hang on head.
  4. all you need to add water and your favorite flowers.

This craft is very original and unique, besides that, because of their small size, will allow you to hang flowers in any space of your House. The light will pass through the focal points and will look even more beautiful.