Video Camera with Projector

The Benq and Kodak presented an innovative produtod in Asia. A camera with projector. The DV camera S11 has a integrated video projector that can project images with 50-inch size!

She uses CMOS sensor and has 5MP resolution and can record videos with Full HD resolution (1080 p). It also has 3.5 inch screen, touch-sensitive.

In addition to the aforementioned video projector, has RCA outputs, USB and HDMI. Anyway … ways to reproduce its contents abound!

In Asia, where it was released by while this innovative camera with projector costs “only” 230 euros.

This little camcorder and still camera also can project videos and images with good quality in walls and boards, projectors!

It’s not a cell phone … but you want to bet that it won’t take long for this to become another accessories from mobiles?