View Rare TV Interview with Steve Jobs’s Widow

For the first time since Apple-founder, Steve job’s, death in 2011, his widow participated in a major television interview.

Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs, shows up only in public extremely rarely, and has not made up for television interviews since her husband’s death in 2011. But now, she has made an exception and given a big interview for the television channel NBC. It writes our site.

The main theme was her new project, which is a documentary about immigrants in the United States, but also her husband’s legacy and the image he created of himself, was talked about.

-“Steve has left two different after monuments. A private and, as everyone knows. The public inheritance is his products, which he created and loved. They have changed our lives and the way in which we communicate with each other, “said Powell-Jobs for NBC.

Like Steve Jobs has Powell-Jobs also have a mission in life. She fights for the so-called Dream Act, which is a bill that will make it easier for some immigrants to stay in the United States.

There are many young people in the United States, which has a university education, but lacking a residence permit and thus are not allowed to work. Their fate describes Powell-Jobs in the documentary “The Dream is Now”, which is produced along with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim.