Vintage Dress Designed by John Galliano

Kate Moss, the bad girl of fashion and entertainment, he said yes and he did it in a wedding dress designed by, just to stay in the field of transgression, no? The model chosen favors vintage inspiration that often has been the trademark of Galliano creations, a gown-petticoat with sottoabito ivory on which it rained a layer of tulle embroidery and very special. Next to her, her husband, Jamie Hince wore a turquoise signed Yves Saint Laurent, a double decidedly unorthodox chest, but given the couple in question, are you surprised?

One between Kate Moss and Jamie Hince is part of a long trail wedding of fairy tales that are making headlines a lot this year, after the media event of the century marriage of William and Kate, and only a day earlier than the actual event, the wedding of Monaco who at this very hour we are celebrating. the Kate Moss wedding was celebrated on the Cotswolds and the background music was obviously one of the Rolling Stones. A host of small maid, 15 in total including the daughter of Kate, Lila Grace, ruined indeed a bit ‘the event rock look, do not you think? But they are adorable with their little crowns of flowers, and perfect around clothing vintage Model designed by his friend John Galliano.

The bride’s look is completed by beautiful stilettos designer Manolo Blahnik, with elements in blue they say-since it is impossible to see them – because no bride can not go to the altar according to the American tradition! Fabulous wedding for Kate Moss , the princes of Monaco do you think they will do better?