Wall Stickers – Which Fits Where?

Wall stickers are inexpensive and very elegant way to give any room an interesting atmosphere. Thinking of buying them, but do not know how to choose a sticker? No problem, our mentor in that you are clear now!

Stickers suitable for the living room

The living room is a place that serves to relax. If you want wall stickers placed right here, choose those that do not interfere relaxing atmosphere. Are preferable stickers round shapes and vivid colors to dark. Why? Rounded shapes are reassuring in terms of psychology and create a sense of harmony. A good example of such stickers are bubbles. It is possible to buy them in several sizes and randomly place them over the seat. The living room is also preferable stickers abstract shapes.

Bedroom – inspired by the serenity of nature

Even the bedroom is a relaxing area. This room is best suited wall decorations in the form of animals or plants. Indeed evoke connections with nature and can induce a more relaxed atmosphere. Are preferable stickers lighter colors, pastel ideal.

In the kitchen, it must live

Wall stickers belong to the kitchen. In this room you can enjoy themselves. The kitchen is an energetic place. Fits here stickers dynamic and colorful. What do you think of chic coffee mugs or even a scullion?

TIP – sticker can effectively decorate your refrigerator or even kitchen!

Children’s room – leave it to branches

When choosing wall decorations, children’s room, leave it to children. You can buy them should be a sticker with a picture and name.

COUNCIL – if you choose wall stickers, you have to give huge attention to their quality. So choose only from renowned manufacturers. Among the best are e-shop. There is a rich selection of quality labels at reasonable prices.