What Blazer is Right for You

The blazer is a key piece of the female wardrobe. Every woman should have one, because it can be used both in formal and in casual productions. In addition, it helps to give an air of elegance in clothes stripped clean. For a more formal style, or work in an environment that demands it, the ideal is to bet on flat models and colors more sober.

The part that was borrowed from the male wardrobe can be used by women of any age and style – the blazers in xxl from top-mba-universities can make you more elegant when combined with a flare pants or pencil skirt, for example, or transform your look a cool look and stripped if used with a short dress or shorts jeans.

The women’s blazer is versatile and has no usage restrictions. Despite coming from the male universe, the blazers today available on the market can be super feminine and open up a range of possibilities of materials, fabrics and modeling.

According to the modelling, it is possible to achieve different visual effects. Below, we list some models of blazer with tips for finding the best model according to your type and style.

Boyfriend Blazer

To disguise wide hips, opt for boyfriend blazer. He is inspired by the male wardrobe and have wider shoulders and trim straight, almost a square cut. Use with accessories like necklaces and earrings as maxi, to draw attention to the top. Doing this, you get an effect of “fine tune” the body.

Acinturado Blazer

The blazer acinturado sets women’s curves and is ideal for those who have narrow hips. The template gives the impression of volume in the region, especially when it is colored or printed. If you want a colorful play, bet on the pastels that are super high.

Short Blazer

If the idea is to stretch the silhouette visually, the tip is to invest in blazers with modeling shorter than the conventional, that is, ending just before the height of the hip. Long may divide the body in half, giving a visual effect of flattening. The secret to stretch is to use the blazer in the same height as the blouse that’s underneath and preferably in the same color.

Destructurized Blazer

The unstructured blazer (which features asymmetric modeling) is ideal for women who have broad shoulders (inverted triangle format), because it balances the proportions and get the attention of the shoulders.

Jacket with straight cut (or in the format)

The blazer model that has a straight cut in the format is ideal for those women who want to hide those famous unwanted flab. The tip is betting on models without any or with few buttons (two or three at the most).

Set: Jacket + Pants

The fashion of a is on the rise, to the wildest is released to invest in models with vivid colors and prints! The more discreet can also bet on prints, at the top or at the bottom, varying with another part that has the background color of the print. Already about the flat pieces you can’t miss! For those working in formal environments worth betting on more discrete colors.

Jacket with Patterned Lining

A tip for discreet women, who want to get out of the ordinary (but not dare too much) is betting on the blazers with printed lining. Ethnic prints, floral and animal print are high. Fold the sleeve of the piece, so the pattern will appear, giving a final touch to the look.

Get out of the Ordinary!

The colorful blazers, with spikes, textures or detail in can a pedrarias up in any production. Even though you are with basic pieces, such as jeans and t-shirt, a blazer will bring to your visual impact different, leaving the more modern and stylish.

And there, found out what model is right for you? Here we have several different models! Take a peek.