What is a USB HUB?

A Hub or concentrator, is a network element that serves to connect multiple computers together for example PCs, a laptop, a tablet or even the TV. HUB is also used to refer to the USB hubs or other connections in which functionality is similar.

These devices all mouths are connected electrically. I.e., a fact that comes into one of its ports was directly copied to all connected devices.

What is the difference between a hub and a switch?

A switch is more intelligent. Thanks to the physical address, also known as MAC the item only copy this information toward the mouth waiting for the data. There are certain packages as if they should be sent to all the elements of a network but they manage to reduce traffic considerably.

Today the reality is that the hub are almost impossible to obtain and that all the elements that perform that functionality are switches.

Aspects to consider when buying a HUB

Number of mouths. Perhaps the most important aspect since it limits their use. Note in these devices because of their age have no have all the same mouths as in any switch. Sometimes some ports are reserved to connect them to other elements of network HUBs or switches discussed on http://www.entertainmentdns.com/2016/03/25/trekstor-presents-2-in-1-device-surftab-duo-w1-with-usb-2-0/.

Speed. Never use one speed greater than that which for this thought.

Switch or HUB?

If your data transfer needs aren’t very large will give you about the same. Currently it is difficult to find pure due to the low price of the switch hub. They should also be the first place to look if your network does not operate the speed you like to since they tend to lead to many collisions.