What is the App Store?

The question “what’s App Store” may seem silly for anyone who is already a user of iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple products in General, but for those who do not live with the App Store on a daily basis is a doubt.

Well! The App Store is an online store of Apple equipment. There are thousands of apps (know what app) paid that are sold and many free of charge that can be downloaded directly to the device connected to the App Store.

The process of downloading apps for iOS is practically the same as that used today to download apps for Android using the Android Market, but there is a difference of philosophy in the functioning of the two stores. While the Android your application is automatically approved and can later be removed if you do not agree with the rules of the Android community, your app on the App Store must first be approved for only then appear in the store and be available for download by users of Apple products.

It may seem a detail but there are around 600 1000 apps in the Android Market and this number rises rapidly every day are 700 1000 new Android devices activated every day. The more apps more users are attracted to the platform and this is much more dynamic in the Android community. In iOs history is no different and there are more than 500 1000 apps for download in the App Store. The mobile phone market still has a lot to grow in spite of the enormous numbers of phones sold and exchanged every day. We see Android approaching the iOs in overall numbers and United States us Android already has 53 percent of the market (2011/12).

And you? Now that you know what is the App Store and the difference with respect to the Android Market already has more reason to have a smartphone? Will prefer Android or iPhone (iOS)?