What Sports Bra is Right for Me

For running, fitness or any other sport, the right bra or the right bra is essential. Our tips for choosing the right model for its business and the size of her breasts.
Brands are sometimes the bra sports a separate accessory, with beautiful colors and original patterns. Aesthetics should not however be the only selection criterion. More than a garment fashion, bra orbra is indeed an indispensable piece of sports equipment. The recommendations of experts and practitioners to make the right choice.  

Objective: To limit the movement of breasts

In sports with rapid movements or bounces, like running, the chest moves from bottom to top and from left to right (of a magnitude of up to 15 cm according to a study UK 2010). Or a bra City is not intended to compensate for these movements: it supports the breasts that the bottom, via the reinforcement.

“When the breasts jump and you realize some movements, frames can hurt the chest and cause tissue damage,” warns Dr. Corinne Montaru-Rozain, general practitioner, osteopath and sports physician.”Even if you are young and the skin is still elastic, this range of motion can also break in the fibers, especially when we practice running,” added Fred Coelho, sports coach. Beyond the pain at the time, these movements cause long-term risk a premature sagging breasts.

Bras and sports bras them fit the breasts for support also from above, limit their horizontal movement and absorb shocks. This reduces the movement of 50 to 70% depending on the model. The frames are replaced with a broadband under the chest to avoid injury.

Nathalie Mauclair practitioner running at high level and world champion trail, the difference is crucial. “I’m always surprised when I see many women on public competitions run with a conventional bra I do make a cup A, yet I do not see myself running with something other than a sports bra. It brings many comfort and safety. the models to back cross have my preference. It is much more comfortable in his movements. I also like the “breathable” models, thin and light fabrics, because I run long distances. ”

A comfortable bra for even the soft gym

As soon as you perspire, it is actually important to have a bra in a material designed for sport. “A classic bra cotton is not suitable, notes JaneSportsBras. It remains wet. It is then found to often fungal infections under the breasts, especially in the big breasts.”

To evacuate the sweat , spandex can be associated with breathable technical materials that keep a dry sensation on the skin (Power mesh, Coolmax, Meryl, Climacool). And even if it does not seem necessary for the soft gym and / or soil type pilates or yoga, earned comfort is appreciated. The good material and good cut possible in particular to avoid irritation. “An ill-fitting bra, in which the breast stroke, or lace, may cause friction and irritation in the nipple,” says the specialist.

Better is also the wide straps or which cross way back swimmer , because they could neither drag nor shear the shoulder if there is a significant chest. This was finally found Lucy: “I’m a 85B , my chest is not too troublesome So I need a real sports bra for running, at first I thought my. usual bra suffice for yoga and pilates. in use, I found sometimes in full exercise duty to go up the ramp coming down or the posture of the dog upside down with the teacher who had a splendid view my neck . so I finally chose the option jacket + sports tank top fit well. I can make any movement without having to monitor the situation. ” A sports bra without seams or flat seams also leave less marks than a conventional bra.