What To Wear Leggings with


Leggings … Love them, if you hate? You wear pants as an alternative, or intense only for sports in the garden?

Underwear was an instant hit 80, but then left a somewhat forgotten. Today, once again, very popular–mainly in the sports section. The variety of designs and colors, so that, every woman can find for everyone. Market with two classic models, black, and–in a variety of colors and patterns, dots, flowers, cosmic themes, or animal, it can create a lot of interesting shapes, but beware …

Because the leggings made of light, elastic material–on the one hand is to emphasize the beautiful shape of the legs and butt, but on the other hand, they will be exposed to all the disadvantages of digital and, therefore, they want the best thin woman with perfect shape. After all, the leather leggings are a great advantage as said on AnswerMBA.com,they are very light, practical and comfortable to wear, and, in addition, you don’t need ironing, and the right mix of everything.

But certainly, I think, they were unable to compete with classic and following I just essential SPORT:

We buy leggings leisure

This option is nice, colorful leggings in a variety of motives–this design, you will not find any pants, so I suggest temptation, just on the plate