What to Wear Mid Season

The fashion industry is lightning fast to set about to spring fashion. Overnight change stores out bylsiga down jackets and grovstickat in favour of bathing shorts and cool shirts. But taking account of contracts actually?

Working for a distinct winter and summer season, many store shelves are filled with clearly inappropriate clothing for the weather. There is an ongoing discussion about the fashion industry’s fastklamrande at season spray and many players today have chosen to divide the year into a variety of mellansäsonger. Both to avoid having to hold two annual sales, but also to create a more relevant choice for us consumers.

Stylistically, it is an art to dress for contracts. A temperature that switches sharply during the day makes like an unpredictable weather from day to day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose clothing. But it’s obviously not impossible task. With a flair for materials and layering combinations, it is possible to create a wardrobe that really covers the entire year. Error number does is they buy just a winter and a summer wardrobe. In many cases, the step from thick flannel pants to slim chinos become well far. Jackets and trousers in light wool fabrics or medium-weight cotton qualities are garments that basically fits all year around and that makes it easy to combine today’s outfit.

Water resistant outerwear with detachable lining, täckvästar and especially fine knit sweaters are other pieces that make it easy to embrace the layer-on-layer philosophy. Below are some examples.