What to Wear with Long Skirts

Ready to draw your skirt to get out? Yes, but what to wear with to be sure not to commit a fashion misstep? Don’t panic! Shirt, blouse, sweater, t-shirt, tank top, depending on the style of your skirt, choose the top that you will value most.

The folk long skirt for Bohemian effect

It was all in our closets, we love it for its lightness that reminds us our last holiday in the Sun, but it’s hard to the accessorize to make it an essential part of our outfits on a daily basis. Yet, well matched, the folk skirt way 70’s didn’t need to wait for our next vacation out of our closet. For a casual look that allows you both to work and to meet your friends for happy hour, bet on mat parts: a t-shirt slightly loose gives you an aura of femininity while being easy to live in the day. Forget too wide or oversized tops that go overlooked in your silhouette look: wide at the bottom and wide at the top, bad equation. To play the card of the lag and bring structure to your long skirt, a perfecto or a jean jacket will help finalize your look while remaining comfortable.

Skirt long way 1950s: an air of B.B.

Which of us has never wanted to look like one of these icons of the 1950s? In true symbols of those years when femininity was at its climax, Grace Kelly or Brigitte Bardot showed an example of a mode both sexy and chaste. The mythical long skirt of this time, twirling, full, at height of calves, made his big comeback in parades. Printed floral, pastel or deep, each can find happiness, as long as you match it well. In the face of the amplitude of the skirt, a curved top is welcome in order to highlight a WaSP size, perfect to wear the skirt in value. A simple t-shirt United in one of the color of the skirt, preferably near the body, is ideal to enhance your outfit. If you absolutely want to play the card of the 1950s, a short jacket with wide collar and big buttons perfectly finalizes the outfit. In order to avoid the uniform appearance of a together, think to shift the jacket by choosing a different fabric of the skirt. See different types of skirts at http://www.petsinclude.com/2016/different-types-of-skirt-designs/.

The pencil skirt: for a sexy assumed

Tapered and sensual, the long skirt pencil crazy fashionistas who rediscover this mythical piece of the 1960s. With different materials and different lengths, you can find the model that suits you best. As she fits all body types, a basic necessarily possess in his closet.Leather, Jersey cotton, printed or United, shiny or Matt, its high waist and his slot in the rear allow all Follies. Forget the too strict aspect of the classic combo white blouse and heels to make it an easy to wear everyday outfit. With a crop-top (that only reveals no skin, vulgar), a silk CAMI or a structured blouse, the pencil skirt becomes an essential part of your wardrobe: to go to the Office or go to a night on the town , feel free to accessorize it and even shift it with sneakers, sneakers or flat boots to enjoy throughout the year.