Why Drive a Bike

Riding a bicycle is one of the most effective aerobic activities. For an hour of pedaling are burned more than 200 kcal. The bicycle is the most ecological means of transport on which the passing of a given distance is a real pleasure.

The first bicycles appear more in the 18th-19th century. Although it looks quite different from the modern, the scheme is the same–two wheels, frame, which connects them, handlebar, seat and pedals.Later enter the improvements–chain, brakes, gears, etc.

The most common type of bicycle is the city. With it you can move around on the way to work, you are walking in the park or just to hang out. The big problem in Bulgaria is that cycling in the city is quite an extreme experience with a rechargeable bike headlight featured on http://www.phonecations.com/best-rechargeable-bicycle-headlights/sports/. There is no infrastructure, no pedestrians on sidewalks are tolerant of cyclists or motorists on the streets is treated with the proper respect.

Best suited for extra is a road bike, also known as a runner. It is designed to develop greater speed. On paved roads and travel great distances.

What are the benefits of riding a bicycle?

Develop almost all muscles–legs, arms, back, abdomen.However, here comes the most serious disadvantage-the legs are loaded. If you are by nature a more lavish thighs and calves, be moderate in riding a bike.

During the cycling gets called. piezoelectric effect, in which the result of friction between the cartilage in the joints, calcium accumulates in the bones. This keeps them in good condition.

Increased heart rate during riding a bicycle keeps the heart in good shape.Reducing the risk of heart disease.

The hormones that are released during cycling and other biochemical reactions that take place in the body, strengthen the immune and nervous systems.

Not accidentally, the bicycle has long not only used in an external environment and is “encoded” in the gym (workout on the exercise bike and spinning) and in the pool (akvaspining). Practice the exercise bike is one of the most popular aerobic activities that you can practice not only in the gym, but also at home. The minus is that it picks up only the muscles in the lower body.Spining″t is a group aerobic exercise, which is practiced on a special stationary bicycle called spiner. Spinning wheels, as well as choreography, are designed to mimic a cycling in an external environment. Spining″t in water is called akvaspining.

You can now rotate the pedals!