Windows 10 Smartphones

Cortana is one of the 10 core Windows features, the new version of the Windows operating system that marks the debut of the narrator in the desktop. The developer João Dias, author of the popular app Tasker for Android smartphones, wasted no time and began to exploit Windows Narrator 10 for controlling functions of Android devices and other devices, using AutoRemote and AutoVoice. For example, you can activate and deactivate the lights or notifications of the Windows mobile phones, imparting the appropriate command to the Windows Narrator 10.

As pointed out by the developer through its Google + page, the integration is complete: the user can execute any command from the Windows PC with 10 AutoRemote, AutoVoice AutoVoice and Cortana. The potential is considerable, even if the use of plug-ins to Tasker Tasker, as well as the same is not quite simple. The main steps include: installing Tasker, Autoremote and Android smartphone AutoVoice (link at the end of the post), and then install the AutoRemote extension Chrome , and the addition of Windows smartphones via the HOWSMB, along with the activation of controls of Cortana. After you must start Tasker, import a particular profile and make sure that Chrome is the browser default.

Most users “geeks” probably will be made already at work to take advantage of Cortana to give voice commands can control Android smartphone. All others can appreciate the potential by looking at the video posted by the developer.