Women’s Flare Leg Dress Pants

Originated from 70s, flared pants are back to the fashion word now with more balanced and less exaggerated proportions. So it is a great option for those who want to be present, well dressed and discreet at work. In addition, the proportions of flare pants favor those with narrow hips and help to disguise those with wide hips. Higher waistbands also help to disguise unwanted belly. Even as a hippie movement icon in the 70s, today, they are a great ally for those who want to be discreet and elegant.

Women's Flare Leg Dress Pants

For the desktop, choose darker washes and fits silk shirts and blazers. For who is short, the trick is to choose pants with longer bars and with pockets, and wear them with heels. By hiding the shoes, pants elongate the silhouette and give the impression that the woman is higher. For those with thick legs and want to hide, choose pants with not very wide bar, but with a slight opening, just enough to cover the shoes, and preferably without pants faded washes.

Below, see some of the famous inspirations about the flare pants, and last, a good combination of choice for the job.