Year 2014: mobiles Sony Xperia Z3 [WEB]

It looks back on the phones that made the biggest impression in years. We therefore take a reunion with Sony’s beautiful topmobil: Xperia Z3.

Do you hear for those who nærstuderer technique leaves before choosing Mobile you will be hard pressed to eyes differences between Sony’s topmobil from spring, Xperia Z2, and after this year’s news: Xperia Z3.

It is even subtleties that separates the two, but contains so many small, Z3 Xperia fine improvements to Z3’eren is a real novelty. It is prettier, slimmer, smaller, lighter yet stiffer and more hardy.

When the then simultaneously performs among the very best in Android-land and makes it for days on end wondering why it is not to the harvested top marks in our test.

Look below, and get a pleasing sight, or reunion with Sony’s design at its best.