Fat Is Hot: Fatbikes, Soon You Have One Too

Bike culture: globalization is perhaps a strong words – but fatbikes keeps on spreading far outside Alaska, where they were born. And the spread is not only geographical – now used bold wheelers all year round and many believe fatbiking will have his big impact in 2014.
– Fix you free next week? In such cases, I propose that we meet at the airport on Monday morning at 9 am. This you will like!
Much more information than I had in the bar of the United States this summer. Well, I actually got a picture too – in a grotesquely large tires. It would be cycled, I realized, and that it would be at the side of the road I took. But it was all about fatbike I had never guessed.

Andreas has always praised the decks with a lot of volume. But the times we talked fatbike has the call always ended with the jeers directed at the välpälsade North Americans who desperately fought their way in bottomless snow and extreme cold.

I will accurately remember the number of mountain bike Action I bought sometime in the early 90 ‘s where I first read about a bike race called Idita Bike Race in Alaska.

The men in the picture had decimeterlånga icicles in the beard, the hands were placed in something resembling small sleeping bags and on his feet sat greatly oversized boots.Some of the bikes had dual wheels and tires to increase the bearing capacity of the loose ground. Osympatiskt is the word that best describes my memories of the Arctic Adventure cyclists.

Apparently something happened and the use of bicycles lights of fatbikes with extremely large deck has spread far beyond the dog and the snowmobile trails in Alaska. Fatbikes is used in short anywhere where regular mountain bikes belong, summer and winter. From that all bicycles have been pure custombyggen are now a bunch of brands that really developed a lot of fresh and well functioning gadgets for the purpose.

And that trademarks are Specialized and Trek now launches fatbikes should be a clear sign that the interest in cycling fat increases.

The bigger the better?

If you ask the most inveterate and initiated the fatbikes is the best at everything while the most critical laughs as much now as before. The trip to Colorado was therefore a very explicit purpose – to find out the facts, and relate it to the bike in our own country. And breaking down the question is ultimately about a single thing; What does increased tire volume for cycling?

Whether I or Andreas had previously ran fatbike. Our common view before the premiere tour was to cycle with extremely large deck obviously has better buoyancy, but it would come at the expense of greater weight where you least want it, that is, the rotating mass.The increased weight of the wheels should do cycle unruly in the technically difficult terrain.And the wide tires require a distance between pedals (Q-factor) which increases dramatically, which is not good from an ergonomic perspective. So, we thought then based on figures and theory.

We made it easy for us by taking the lift up the mountain and start cycling with a half-hour long downhill driving. On the way to the lift line, we passed the curious people that pointed, laughed and wondered what we cycled on. We did also. When we clicked in the feet at the top, it did not take long before we got to eat up our preconceived notions.

Clumsy? Witty!

Our first test bike, Specialized Fatboy, is not a screamer. The costs of SEK 17 500 and weighs 13 kg. Nothing to brag about in competitions. But now, we would not compete. We would have fun and then are not as relevant. The bike would feel heavy and clumsy was not directly quoted.

On the contrary, we reacted on how witty the felt – something which is best explained by the fact that it is completely stiff. After a few turns on the initial gravel road was the largest the reflection that the grip on the surface was extremely good.

That skid suddenly became difficult because the tires are reluctant to let go in the gravel. A speed that normally feels in top was perceived as safe, much the way a heldämpad bike is perceived in relation to a rigid bicycle. And of course you can get a fatbike losing their footing, but then it provoked harsher.

To the increased distance between the pedals would be negative thought we possibly not on the first day. And then we spent over five hours in the saddle. What we possibly noted was rather that it seemed a little more stable to be wider with the legs in the technically difficult terrain.

More air-worse make

Tires with high volume means generally better comfort. Therefore, we assumed that the bike would be a treat. But there we had wrong. After just a few minutes among roots and stones the corresponding Swedish paths where the hands tired and the bike behaved like a colored lightbulbs.

We let out air and immediately it felt better, but this was done at the expense of the tyres started to peddle in sharp curves. And when such big tires start to peddle quickly lose control. When we rode up on hard ground also increased rolling resistance visibly when the air pressure was too low. After some experimentation we landed in the typical conclusion that everything in moderation.

But the cycle characteristics of roots and stone leaves a lot of wishing. We therefore understand the most inveterate fatbikecyklisterna who use the most suspension forks-it needed when moving in bumpy terrain.

Full suspension mountain fatbikes

It’s starting to even turn up some full suspension mountain fatbikes but by what we have so far seen is our belief that it needed a few more years before it found its actual shape. We also got A and B test the oily bikes with 4.8 inch deck against ordinary mountain bikes with 2.2 inch wide tyres in some different terrain.

The increased buoyancy feels clearly when we cycled on the smooth surface, regardless of whether it was sand or snow. But we also noticed that the fat tires became slippery powder or Goo. Do you ride your bike seriously in snow, it might be smart to get studded tires.Then you get both flotation and traction. The last item to check off, I got completely hand over to Andreas.

It is about how the heavier tires affects your bike in the air. In a double jump that got me sick did Andreas some flights and gyroeffekten.

– A technology that Belgian Motocross Racer can use in air are, for example, to lock the rear wheel if they get too much diner. Because a normal MTB wheels does not weigh as much if you don’t get the gyroeffekt to regulate a cycle in the air. But the rotating mass on a fatbike is so much higher that it actually gets some motocrosseffekt if needed. Now, I think, certainly not a fatbike is best in the high jump, the feel better with both wheels on the slopes, “said Andreas.

So what do we think?

When you normally try and compare bikes trying constantly to find out if something is better or worse. But it’s not entirely fair to evaluate the fatbikes of such parameters. It competed with the fatbikes indeed, but we think that the most important aspect to consider is how much fun you have in the saddle.

I think it is great fun to ride and on a fatbike makes it even more fun. Kind of like having Liseberg too himself for a while. And I believe I see a much more childish Andreas in the saddle than normal. He’s usually always småskutta and slentriansladda a bit when we cycle, but now it was just a Playhouse, happy faces and exaggerated wide wires most of the time. I’m sold. And I can honestly say that I started Googling cycle races in Alaska …

I’ll never mock fatbikers, no matter how very full beard and truckerkepsar they have. And I dream about to pack the backpack and give me away a week along the hard packed snow mobile trails in northern Sweden forward late winter.

There is nothing bad to say then? Well, you will never see a fatbike win a World Cup in any MTB discipline. Nor will they be long-distance cyclists ‘ best friend. But we don’t see oily wheelers as an instrument to better athletes or faster cycling. Just more fun and safer cycling. And on loose ground fatbike is a clear winner.

In conclusion. A fatbike will probably never be someone’s first cycle, second cycle may not be. But as the third “must-have-cycle”, it can be a hot contender.

Bicycling ask Martin and Andreas about the now sold their sleek mountain bikes and just rattling around on fyratumsdäck:

You have struck on a fethoj to a few months after you tried fatbikes for the first time?

Martin Stenmarck:

– I have not Yet struck at any own fatbike and there does not seem to be so many stores or vendors who have given it a shot than in Sweden. But I hope that they wake up soon!

Editor-in-Chief Danielsson comments:

“I think no one has escaped my praise to the fun of cycling fatbike. And i notice in my mailbox that it begins to bubble fat pretty tightly around in Sweden. It is fun!

We wrote the other day that the Bothnia-race for the first time allows the fatbikers to set up in the classic snow contest. So far, the only cross-country skier, a set up, but now opens the Organizer therefore for bold bikers. And dog teams should be added.

Bicyclings Fat Favorites

Salsa Beargrease

Fatter as it gets. Salsa Beargrease carbon fiber frame and fork are dream bike for serious fatbikers. Internal cable routing, through shoulders and a framework that fixes the 4.5-inch tires. Do you want to run with 29-“it works well. And geometry is optimized to hang on a 100 mm dämpargaffel. With a weight of 11 kg is not much that beats the Beargrease Carbon.

On-One Baby Fatty

This super cute fat Wheeler is based on a 12-inch ram and 24-inch wheels. Nothing for adults, that is. But you are considering buying a Baby boy or girl to your Fatty, so large it’s probably already a full-grown Fatty in the garage. And it is clear that the children will get to have a little fatty sometimes. It seems in any case English On One. And I.

Surly Moonlander

American Surly fatbikevärldens is without a doubt the most famous brand. For-except their Moonlander, which is one of the most sold fat wheelers in the world, used Surlys tires and wheels as the standard of most brands. In Sweden sold Surly by Cyclecomponents.

Specialized Fatboy

I spent almost a week in the snow, Sun, rain and mud on a Specialized Fatboy. It was actually the first fatbiken I’ve ever tested, and a very cosy gateway in the fat world. Fatboy is available in two models, the slightly more expensive in black and the slightly cheaper which are olive-coloured. Both based on proprietary Specializeds aluminum frame, carbon fork and their own 4.6-tumsdäck.

Trek Farley

That such a large manufacturers such as Trek decide to lanserara a fatbike is clearly a confirmation that the phenomenon found its way far beyond Alaska’s snowmobile trails.Trek Farley is based on an aluminium frame with soft fine forms and green beautiful touches. The only thing that scares me is the name-there is a known American mass murderer named Richard Farley. Hope not that he has with things to do. .. Dare to guess that Trek owned Bontrager is shortly to launch own fatbike-tires and wheels? We think so.

Bicyclings Fat Accessories

Shoes-45NRTH Wölvhammer

To freeze the hands, head, ears and toes is a real humörsänkare. Mesa was not about having summer cycling shoes with which you stoppe rned foot in a goofy freezer bag, without investing in a pair of proper bike boots. And get the shoes are just as thoughtful as winter cycling company 45NRTHs Wölvhammer. Made of known materials for outdoor folks like Cordura, Sympatex and Thinsulate so the result is a bit full working vinterfots-cladding.45NRTH was really taking their product to the next level is by supplying the insole with a layer of miracle material Aerogel. Aerogel is the lightest solid material on Earth, some call it ‘ frozen smoke ‘ then it is up to 99.98% air. And insulate so well that it is used as a heat insulator in astronauts ‘ space suits.

Chain-45NRTH Willful Neglect

Serious winter cycling requires a drivetrain that doesn’t give up in bad weather with a lot of snow. And there are 10-and 11-piece cassettes not preferable when the distance between the blades is very small. American 45NRTH has a lot of interesting stuff for winter bicyclists, there-sometimes a chain that has gone through a spa-request-handling in zinc-chromium, which gives it an extra strong protection against the hate-filled vägsaltet. Chain works with 8-and 9-handed cartridges from both Sram and Shimano.

Backpack-POC Spine VPD 2.0 Pack 25

For me this is fatbike not racing – it is just fun. And the fun doesn’t need to go fast. And when you are not in a hurry, it can be happy lugging around a small bag with tools, refreshments and extra clothing. My favorite bag is now 25-liter spinepack from POC with built-in back protector.

Gloves-Dogwood Designs Pogies

Frozen fingers quickly takes away all the fun of riding a bike. Dogwood Designs bike Pogies are not aesthetically beautiful, but you will never freeze. Movement becomes obviously impaired why technically difficult cycling is not preferred when you stopped the hands in sleeping bags. But on the other hand – the amount of roots and stones tend to be visible when the thermometer stands at 22 degrees below zero and snow depth is 75 centimeters?

Fork-11nine Fatbike suspension Fork

Tires with huge volume goes a long way to increase comfort, but if you plan to use your fatbike among roots and stones needed a dämpargaffel to experience should be good.Hottest fork now 11Nine which offers 80, 100 or 110 mm wheel travel. The upside-down fork has greatly oversized pipes and requires a 15 millimetre thru-axle.

Tires-Surly Big Fat Larry 4.7

Just the name Big Fat Larry makes me shudder. It’s not exactly the guy you want to face alone a dark winter evening. The 4.7-inch wide and 1 400 grams heavy Kevlar tires from Surly works out at 65 to 100 mm wide rims. Float, float, float my friend. It’s all about the flow

Ram-Borealis Yampa

Borealis (not to be confused with Borrelia, you take your guns?) has its roots in Alaska and consists of some extremely dedicated fatbikecyklister. Their framework Yampa is a beauty to look at, and recently built a complete cycle together weighing nine kilograms. So is it possible to force down a fatbike really well too, if you just want to. Of course, the framework prepared with mounts for all possible accessories which may belong together with genuine oily cycling.

NAV-Paul Rhub 170

And for you that builds its own fatbike from a loose frame and fork so we couldn’t resist including this very nice rear hub of American Paul. With a width of 170 mm suitable for anodised cassette hub in most barrel-frames sold loosely in the market. And the best part is that you can order it in pink.


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