Anniversary-Playstation Goes on Auction

20-year Edition of PlayStayion can be purchased at auction in Denmark, and the money from the auction goes to a good cause.

The 3. December 1994 would prove to be an important date in the games history. It was the date when the first Playstation came on the street in Japan, and 20 years after have Sony made a specialudave of the PlayStation 4, honoring the original.

The look from the first Playstation is retained in the anniversary edition, and there are only produced 12,300 copies-a reference to the date of the original version.

There are only a few copies have come to Denmark, and they cannot be purchased in stores. With you can, however, buy it for an anniversary-Playstation, and all the money from the auction goes to the children’s Aid Foundation day, which supports children and young people placed in Denmark.

The package follows the console itself, with a camera, a controler, a stand, a headset, HDMI cable and USB cable.

The auction can be found here, and the ending Christmas Eve, the 24th. December at 12.00. You can also read more about the console on this page.