Designer: It Is Not Ive Behind Apple Watch

Official says Jony Ive at designed by Apple Watch, but a designer do not believe that he is the main man.

Apple Watch was designed by Jony Ive-Apple’s chief designer. It is in any case, Apple claims, but a designer wounds now a bit of doubt about the fact. Bradley Price think closer, it is newcomers Marc Newson to be credited with the Agency’s design.

Bradley Price is the founder of a design firm, designer watches, sunglasses and driving gloves, and he believes that the style of the Apple Watch is much more than Ive Newson.

“It has Marc Newsons fingerprints off all over the place. It’s obviously something he has designed and not Jony Ive, “says Bradley Price in an interview.

Marc Newson was presented as the new Apple employee, just 4 days before Apple Watch was shown above, so he may not officially have been working on the clock. His close friendship with Jony Ive, however, is no secret, and it is possible that the two are saving with each other about the design.

Price points out that strap in Apple Watch has exactly the same close mechanical as Ikepod user-an account which Marc Newon helped to found. Also the Price call the puffy square looks like Newsons style, consider Price.