How to Sew a Decorative Pillow

What will be your cushion, depending on your preference: it can be a cushion in patchwork style, classic velvet pillow, heart shaped, cat or any animal you loved. The classic square pillow to make it easier and faster than most.


  1. Pick a dense, preferably cotton cloth for the base cushion itself. Carve out of it two squares of desired size. Cushions are usually small, about 30 x 30 centimeters, but you can choose any other size. Do not forget to leave a seam allowance of about 1-1.5 centimeters on each side.
  2. Connect the two square face inwards and sew all sides, leaving about 10 centimeters nezashitymi on one side. Remove the blank, fill, foam pillow, synthetic padding or holofayberom. The latter two are preferred, since they are distributed evenly and do cushion softer than the foam while filling. Stuffing pillow, pay special attention to the corners. Sew the hole left by a hidden seam.
  3. Pick fabric for pillow cases. Do not strive for complete correspondence between the cushion and the upholstered furniture, decorative pillow looks spectacular when released and attracts the eye. Ideal – to select the color contrast and let cushion sofa in harmony with the structure. The fabric can be almost any, the main thing – not too thin. Of course, the tissue structures must conform to your idea: velvet cushions give the room a more refined and elegant style, cushion made of linen or tapestry give greater comfort.
  4. Carve out a decorative pillowcase in the EPILLOWCASES. To do this, cut two squares of the same size as the cushion plus 1 centimeter on three sides, and on the remaining side, leave about three centimeters. Fold the 3 cm, and connect the two squares on the latter side. Sew the zipper in between, preferably secret.
  5. Then connect face into squares and stitched to one another on the three remaining sides. Remove the insert pillow in a pillowcase.