Maternity Wedding Clothing

You are about to get married and over the joy of marriage, there is also that of your baby on the way. But a doubt there arises spontaneously: what dress to choose for the best day?

No fear. In recent years more and more frequent the maternity brides. One above all: Ilary Blasi, beautiful despite the pregnancy. Obviously, the advice is to keep your weight under control, both for the health but also to get to the altar in great shape. Choose a fluffy dress, maybe chiffon , cut to empire and to recommend that your physical evolving.

No clothes too rigid or attempts to hide the belly: you would get the opposite effect. Dresses that mark the forms so as pregnant even your breasts become more prosperous, the most beautiful hair and peach skin. If you do not want to give up heels, also expect a pair of ballet flats or low-heeled shoes to wear during the reception: the feet and legs are likely to swell and in this way you will not have to suffer the torments of hell.

Photographs taken from: MaternityGuides